Bit(s) for driving pair/team;jointed or NOT

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    Hi all,

    When select bit(s) for your driving pair or team, do you unity all bits as jointed or NOT jointed? Or do you select jointed or NOT jointed bit(s) for each horse, what the reason you select jointed bit(s)? What reason you select NOT jointed bit(s)?
    What the reason if you decide to change the bit from jointed to NOT jointed, or from NOT jointed to jointed?

    I have a pony and now am trying to add one more and make a pair.
    For first pony, I use NON jointed Pelham and NON jointed Liverpool draft bit because with jointed snaffle bit, rider can NOT make him turn. I use Pelham without brinker for kids racing and farming, Liverpool for carriage drive, both work well.
    But rider can make turn the new horse by jointed snaffle bit well. And he drop his head lower when I test him walking with NON jointed Pelham(of couse it fits on right position). I feel this is the signal the bit too strong. If I drive new horse single, I select jointed Pelham and jointed Liverpool.
    But I wonder what to do as a PAIR.
    Because, not same as single horse driving, we can not have continuously contact both left and right rain/line. By depend on small changing walk wast or slow, our contact must be intermittent. Some time our contact will be only one left or right rein/line.
    In that situation, I feel, NON jointed bit work better than jointed bit.

    Which jointed bit or NOT jointed bit will be first choice?
    Give me your opinions please.

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