Best work saddle? (For breaking colts and training)

Discussion in 'Tack & Equipment' started by MonstarCustoms, Feb 19, 2012.

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    Feb 18, 2012
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    Ok, so im looking for a saddle that i can throw on colts that wont just fall apart. I really want something i can throw a rope off of and not have the horn ripped off aswell. So im thinking a ranch saddle? Maybe? Idk... My question is really, what saddle would be the best for all of this. Im always on a variety of horses, so im looking for something with Full Quarter horse bars, and that comes in a 15.5-16 inch seat. Any reccomendations? Im so used to hopping in handmedown saddles, or cheap saddles that ive found in the shed. I dont have a set price range at the moment, and im likely going to look into something used, but i dont want to spend over 1,000. thanks!:wink:
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    Many people us a training saddle like this one

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