Best way to fight off the bugs?

Discussion in 'Horse Grooming' started by LuckyGurl, May 14, 2017.

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    As said before, garlic or apple cider vinegar works great. I noticed the amount of flies go down in my barn after making sure all manure is picked up immediately and no excess moisture anywhere. Bugs can't develop or live comfortably where there is little to no moisture.
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    So far this season, we've done Ultra Shield- worked for about 2 hours; Freedom 45 spot on- which has helped with ticks, flies, and the little gnats; and I just tried Ecovet yesterday, which did a very nice job keeping the flies and mosquitoes off on a short ride.
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    Do you guys add the apple cider vinegar or garlic to their feed or water? When he was a baby he got garlic added to his grain everyday so I'm considering going that route! We lived in a different province though and the flies weren't nearly as bad as they are here so I hope it will still help him out!

    Picking up manure isn't an option! They are in a very large pasture, and it would take me literally hours everyday to pick half the manure! The winter corrals were just cleaned so at least there isn't manure around the water trough and tack shed!
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    ^^I want to know the answer to that question too.
    How much is added and do you just add it on top of their feed?

    Will it show up in testing as something funky if the horse shows?
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    Garlic doesnt take much, and there is a toxicity/ anemia level associated with too much, or the possibility of onion type sensitivity. Basically BUGOFF comes with a <1 oz scoop. A Tablespoon may suffice. In feed; it seems to make the water a lil punk, and you dont want them Not drinking.

    How to Feed ACV: For maximum benefits, I'd recommend feeding approximately 1 cup of ACVdaily. It should be diluted 50/50 with water and added your horse's usual feed. An added bonus is that it will help keep flies away .
    Some other tips on that page for ACV, including safe weed killer (y). *white vinegar does that too.
    Apple Cider Vinegar for Horses - Top 10 Uses | Savvy Horsewoman
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