Best thing I've read about Trump.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by slc, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. bnttyra

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    I have a hard time understanding why so many people don't have issues with that is coming out of the White House.

    Here is just a few:
    What Trump says - Negative polls are fake news (In other words, if it shows something bad towards Trump, then it is just made up)
    What Trump says - The media largely ignored 78 terrorist attacks (completely false, attacks on that listed where covered by numerous media outlets!)
    What Trump says - The murder rate in the US is the highest it has been in 47 years. (Actually it is pretty low right now, far cry from the highest rate in 1980 which was 37 year ago)
    What Trump says - When the press challenges him on facts that are clearly false, they claim they are "alternative facts". (So instead of outright saying they are lying)
    What Trump says - We are going to build a wall and Mexico will pay with a 20% tax on everything that is imported. (Seriously???)
    What Trump's Conway says - There was a Bowling Green massacre. (Never happened!)
  2. hamerface

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    Being *better * than someone isn't a requirement for hating someone, or hating the beliefs of someone.

    Fwiw I wouldn't use hate to describe Trump for myself, but I'm certainly not going to judge someone's language on a subject they're so passionate about.
  3. BluemoonOKy

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    Welllllll, those are alternative facts to you. ;)
    A kid I give lessons to goes to western ky university in BG. They are now having vigils for the bowling Green massacre that never happened. :rofl:
  4. Jim_in_PA

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    My biggest sadness is that it's quite likely that large numbers of the folks who voted for Donald Trump for president and put him in office are the very people who are going to be hurt the most by his actions/policies/etc.
  5. Arem

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    Dec 17, 2009
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    I didn't say hating someone is a requirement for being better than someone.

    I basically said that anyone who hates is no better than he is and, thus, really doesn't have much place judging him for being hatefull etc.

    Rise above.

    I get that people don't like him. *I* don't like him. At all. He sure knows how to make himself look like a total bafoon, and I, like many, are concerned that he's going to be big trouble.

    BUT the constant over criticism and hullabaloo is trending heavily towards ridiculous. There certainly are plenty of people taking their dislike of him too far.

    Since, like it or not, he is not President, I hope that in spite of our concerns, he does well for this country. Why?

    So many people wishing failure on him. So many people BLINDLY hating him. Because that's what we're supposed to do, right? He's the devil, right?

    None of that sort of thinking, or anything trending that direction, is helpful. Criticism of every little detail of his life isn't helpful. Making fun of his son isn't helpful. Hate towards his wife isn't helpful.

    What is helpful? Well, probably calming the heck down and giving the dust a chance to settle. That doesn't have to mean complacency. It just means the sky hasn't fallen yet, so don't act like it is.

    If there anything I can be certain about about Trump? He is more than capable of hanging himself. We don't need to help.

    Or, hey! Maybe when the dust settles he'll turn out better that expected and we aren't going to hell in a hand basket after all. Time will tell.

    What does hating him actually accomplish anyway? He wouldn't care. He'd probably like it.
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  6. Friesiangirl

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    3am is booked, sorry. That is drunk twitter time.
  7. manesntails

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    May 21, 2010
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    Who's wishing failure?
    People wish he'd shut up, sit down, and listen.
    You can certainly hate how someone conducts themself without hating the person.
    He's doing only what his supporters want. Trouble is, he represents all of us now and the majority of 'us' aren't his supporters.
    We don't support his policies and we're tired of the disinformation and downright propaganda he spews.
  8. endurgirl

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    So is this thread about trump or workaholics?? :p

    Or non-workaholics? Or maybe even alcoholics? :confused::crazy2:

    My husband is a workaholic. I've been called one, but I go in, do my treatments, paperwork, and I'm gone. I don't chit-chat with co-workers, I have a daughter and a farm waiting for me at home. Hubby on the other hand, works 8-5, but actually works 8 until...whenever. And I think when our daughter is grown it will hit him that he missed her growing up by staying at work dealing with less important things. He tells me what held him up.... You have a cell phone right? Call and talk about it on your way home.
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  9. Arem

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    This I understand completely.

    And I have seen people wishing failure for him. I'm not sure I've seen it here specifically? But I've seen it. And that's just silly.

    I, too, hope he learns to shut up and listen.
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  10. Chester

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    Sep 5, 2005
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    The russian loves him.
    He doesn't seem to popular elsewhere.
    Aussies think he is a very dangerous idiot.
    The brits don't want him in their country.
    The Chinese said he is an enemy "of the rule of law"
    Iran says thank you for showing the "real face" of American corruption.
    South Africa “arguably the most successful internet troll in today’s political spectrum,”

    I think a bloody big wall is called for. All around the USA and the rest of the world should have extreme vetting for anyone wishing to escape from inside of it. You lot did it and you lot should live with it and not inflict us with it. I will even chip in $5 to help build it. :)

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