Benefit of the doubt? *criticism*

Discussion in 'Horse Chat' started by Heavenly Jumper, Nov 21, 2010.

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    Well so far I like the changes. Makes using my phone much easier. I agree the colours are a bit hard on the eyes. But I had trouble reading the other format too.
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    I am with u th
    i am with u there a lot of things we can do to help horses there is a horse down by me and it has like 15 16 diffrent people down to him and he gets all the atention a normal horse gets and i all way think y have they just abandond this lovely creature hope u like this katie xxx
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    Wow.. it's a long situation that happened and a lot of people got involved with a scenario that was unusual to say the least. Noticeable points.. repetitive requests were made for help although logical answers were already given. Red flags started popping up for me not on the commentators but on the OP... repeated mention of danger etc when the thread had died down so on. There was a really unbalanced situation going on and I sensed we were getting played by getting emotionally involved. Think about it. I just got through reading the entire original thread (what wasn't deleted if any). It's very had on moderators ohmygosh is it ever. More than ten yrs ago I managed a large website after being a senior member and the stress for a moderator can be major. The social aspects that seemed emotionally odd to me I felt to heart and had dealt with before. Not everyone is eating a full bag of chips no matter what their age and it's an uncomfortable position to be in as a monitor. I think it happened.. it's passed and a lot was learned. Respect moderators seriously..they're human and care a lot from what I saw. Senior members that are level headed know who they are and tried to help in a unhealthy/unhelpable situation the best they could. I thought all in all it was pretty well handled except for someone who's been banned repeatedly trying to last word everything and upsetting the apple cart. I'm glad this is a fairly rare situation.
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