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Discussion in 'Horse Health' started by Rising_Phoenix515, Dec 7, 2017.

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    Hello everyone!
    So I have a question that someone may be able to help me out with about Phoenix, my rescue filly. So when I rescued her I was told she was born in May of 2015. So that would have made her 30 months old in November of this year. I’ve always been told that young horses shed their front teeth by that age. Phoenix has not lost a tooth yet! Does that mean she is younger than what I thought or is she retaining teeth for some reason? Should I get a dentist out to the barn? Or am I just being overly concerned and should just give her teeth some time? I’ve attached pictures but it is nearly impossible to get good ones by myself!

    Thanks everyone!

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    Read this...Equine Dentistry - Conley and Koontz Equine Hospital
    How long have you had her? I would definitely have a vet do a dental. But, the permanent incisors don't start erupting until around 2.5. She possibly may have one permanent molar by now. But, no...front teeth (incisors) will not all be permanent til 4 5-5 yrs. Dentals should be done at least annually.
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    Those are definitely still baby teeth!

    My gelding lost his around....32 ish months?

    He lost them in January, and figured he'd be three in June.
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    Time to have the dentist out. As a rescue the horse may never even have had her teeth looked at, let alone worked on, and may have had a poor diet and other issues that could affect the teeth, so that would be a good idea now.

    Wuss Horse had his teeth done before he was even a year old, and even he had sharp hooks then that needed to be corrected. So your horse's teeth definitely need to be seen to.
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    I think horses vary, but I would have a vet out to check/float anyway. My yellow mare has had her teeth done every 6 months since turning 2... until this fall. She was booked, but the vet said she didn't need it. 2 1/2 years of biannual floats... She's finally growing up! On the plus side by being diligent she's set up well for the rest of her life. I'll still do annual checks of course.

    When she was 3 I actually pulled a front tooth out. It was loose and hanging and came right out with a gentle tug.

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