Arthritis and shoeing

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    How are true and non-true navicular different, pathology wise?
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    True navicular has visible changes to the bone. Not reversible, but manageable with careful therapudic shoeing and balanced trimming. (Horse can be sound but will always need strict management and therapudic shoes)

    "Navicular" just diagnosed "because his heels hurt" has no bone changes is 100% reversible with proper trimming. The horse can be totally rehabbed as if nothing was ever wrong. (Horse is totally sound with normal good management. Nothing "special" needed)

    Now, if a "navicular" horse is left in poor condition or receives improper management, they can over time develop true navicular because of the toe first landing.
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    So farrier came today, pulled her front shoes and said that we can leave them off. Last time he was out he said keeping the shoes on would make her more comfortable with the arthritis in the front knees.
    So they are off and I took a quick picture of the right front. Sorry it's not quality, I had my son with me and he was extremely fussy.
    So far she seems great. Hopefully it works out and she can remain comfortable.
    Also, I have been treating her thrush and it's much better!!

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