Arena drag recommendations???

Discussion in 'Tack & Equipment' started by Puddincup, May 6, 2018.

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    we have settlement on our small farm in just over a week, and it has a large outdoor arena on it.
    It’s 120x220 feet.
    It’s not in the greatest shape and there are some weeds growing throughout it. I can’t tell what the footing is but most common in my area is sand or stone dust.
    It won’t be heavily used, Only one rider primarily will be on it and only 1-2 horses, 3-5 five times a week.

    I’ve never owned an arena and I am not familiar with what I need. Looking to spend under $1500, if possible and have no problems with used or needing some work/welding.

    We will be using a small tractor to pull it. Can drags be pulled by a riding lawn mower as well?
    What are your drag recommendations and/or tips?
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    A lawn mower can pull some drags. It really depends on how deep the footing is & what kind of drag you get.

    How deep is the footing that you have, how deep do you want it? All those things make a difference for the kind of drag that you’re seeking.

    The drag linked above, the premier equestrian, is a drag that is required for any geotextile footing. It isn’t required for a straight sand/dirt/etc ring as it’s a bit more than is required. Yes it’s an awesome drag but probably a bit more than the OP is needed.

    The cheapest drag would be a chain link fence with a beam/bar/post at the front/top of it. You can then add cinder blocks to weight it down more. It’s not fancy but it can be great to drag & pull weeds.
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    I picked up a little 2 row cultivator that hooks up to the 3 point on our little tractor that I use in the middle section once or twice a year, as its a bit higher there, all the sand washes off, and its pretty hard. I crank that down and really work it up when the ground is wet. Otherwise, I use a little drag section that I have a pallet zip tied too, and I put a couple concrete blocks on it. can usually find these pretty cheap, or free..

    my hubby always gave me crap about how often I drug the arena..... last fall I didn't ride really after August, so didn't drag... he saw just how fast the weeds overtake it.
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    This is the one we got and yes we can pull it with an ATV but you can't raise it up to go backward or drive out of the arena if you need to. For that you need a tractor.

    DragNFly | Equestrian Arena Footing Groomer

    We like it a lot.
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    Your best bet is to use an ATV. However, depending on the attachment and compaction of the soil - a lawn mower might be ok.

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