Are you searching for a horse you used to lease/own/know?

Discussion in 'Horse Chat' started by Equestrian Miss, Jun 17, 2012.

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    I sold my first horse in 2008 to a girl in Iowa. He was the best (you never forget your first one). She turned around and sold him in 2009 at an auction in Iowa to a place called JJ something in Dodgeville, WI.

    I was going to be in Madison so I emailed the lady who bought him and asked if she would mind if I stopped to see him. She told me that she'd never heard of him (even though the girl that I originally sold him to had the paperwork on who bought him).

    I completely understand that someone might be afraid to admit to owning a horse - in case someone else wanted to do more than just visit.

    I would love to know that he is doing good.

    Edited to add: He would be 13 this year.
    Markings: Star, Snip, Stripe (no other markings)

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    You guys stop it. You are making selling my horse REALLY hard.. She's my first real horse too. I'm gonna miss her sooo much. Thanks guys for making me think about this. :(

    Anyway, sadly I've not seen any horses like these.
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    If anyone thinks their horse is in Arizona, I am more than willing to help! I have a ton of connections here, check all the for sale sites daily, am familiar with a lot of horses, traders, horse people in AZ, etc.
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  4. GraysAcres

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    I try to stay in contact with people I sell horses to... but sometimes that just isn't feasible.
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    Someone asked how to go about finding the horses, if they are registered, find out who the last owner is on their paper and go from there. I have found several horses that way, although sometimes you have to contact several people to find the current owners.
  6. Smokinsmart1

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    Oct 22, 2011
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    I tried that, but mine was stolen, and I have his AQHA papers in the kitchen, and have checked online...he's still reg. to me.
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    I would have to look for pictures of the three boys I would like to know where they are, two I have baby pics and maybe yearling pics but haven't seen either of them since they were yearlings. The third I don't have any pictures of period.

    #1 Brave Noble - 1995 chestnut thoroughbred by Woodman and out of Badge of Courage. Last raced April 21st of 2000 at River Downs and was claimed, he was still a stallion at that time. I LOVED this colt to death and would love to know where he ended up, if he's still alive and how he is. I have been looking for him since 2001 with no luck. If I found him in a bad situation or the owners wanted to let him go I would love to have him but I would at least like to know how he is.

    #2 Gonewithoutatrace - 1995 bay thoroughbred by Gone West and out of Notches Trace. Last raced June 9th of 2001 also at River Downs, he was still a stallion at the time. My mom loved him and I've kept a minor eye out for him and googled his name occasionally hoping I could let her know where and how he is.

    #3 Exclusive Band - 1995 chestnut thoroughbred by Dixieland Band and out of Exclusive Moment. Last raced November 11th of 2002 at Philadelphia Park, he was still a stallion at the time. I worked with this guy on the track and always wondered what happened to him.
  8. MeganTaylor

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    This is Kracker Jack or as he was known then. He is a chestnut pony with an indention in his neck from surgery when he was shot as a foal. I've been looking for him and I know he is somewhere in Texas, maybe a western barn from what I've learned although he was a hunter/jumper. If anyone knows anything please let me know! He will be 21 this year and I hope he is doing well.
  9. Sempiternal

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    Silken Strider

    1993 sorrel QH mare. Last recorded owners with AQHA was J&J Paints in Dodgeville, WI (back in 2002). However, I believe they sold her.

    She was a very stocky mare and around 16hh. Very much an alpha mare type who liked to test her rider once and a while, but she was still a very safe and quiet mare.

    Photo (she was probably about 5 yo):


    Stylin N Cruz

    2002 brown Appendix QH mare by Last Detail. Sold her about two years ago (she went to a friend of my mothers near Eagle, WI for his daughter to barrel race) and she was then sold again (from what I have gathered).

    She was around 15.3/16hh and more slender (though bulked up when in work), low on the pecking order and very high energy and nervous.





    Silken Sierra

    2000 blood bay QH mare out of the first mare (Silken Strider) and by Sierramus. She had a couple white hair in the middle of her forehead and a patch of hair near her left (or maybe right) flank that grew in the wrong direction and would have been very stocky (sire was a halter horse).

    My mother is the last recorded owner. Not sure what height she finished growing at (probably between 15.2 to 16hh). She was sold to my uncle in Missouri and then I was told she went to become an recipient mare, but my mother believes she went to a PMU operation.

    My mother would love to know what happened to her (though I'm not too optimistic).

    I don't have any photos of her.
  10. Manca

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    I'm looking for my mare's dam. I'd just like to see a picture or video...

    Her name is Eileen X, she is holsteiner, born in Germany and according to Sport Horse Data she is now staying in Finland. I don't know if she ever was a showjumper or just a broodmare.
    She would be 24years old now.

    Also, I'd really love to find my mare's foals. She (I was told so) had two foals. I don't know the gender or sire... My mare's name is Candilla, also registered holsteiner. She had them while being in Austria. I think they would be 11-14 years old now.

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