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Discussion in 'Horse Names' started by CautionWetPaint, Jan 29, 2018.

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    If you have any idea about breeding, its a starting point. I was able to do a ton of research on the horses my late Father-in-law bred, but I picked hubby's brain until he was sick of me... I started off with just a barn name, but he gave me some info that ultimately let me track several of them down. That is how we came to be able to buy the paint mare we had a while back. We have since given her to my niece- so she is back on the family farm where she was born.
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    I was able to look her up on because she is registered APHA. My initial question was to see if I could double register her with AQHA. She is sired by a Quarter Horse stallion and out of a Paint Horse mare. Because the mare is not registered AQHA, I cannot register my mare AQHA.
    If your horse is Grade with just a barn name you would not be able to look them up.

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