Apple Cider Vinegar for Horses - MUST READ!

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    I found this wile having a surf on the net, and thought it was a MUST READ!!

    Apple Cider Vinegar for Horses

    4/3/2007: Consatnce from Auckland, New Zealand writes: "About 12 weeks ago my horse stuck her leg through a fence and ended up with a nasty wound on her hock. The vet put staples in it and two weeks later when he took them out the wound started to open up again, athough i bathed it i couldnt seem to keep the infection at bay. I was advised by one of my friends to try bathing it on acv which i did. I would bath it daily and then put Manuka honey on afterwards. in two weeks the infection was gone completely and after for weeks there is now a very thin scar and all the hair has grown back, you would never know how bad the cut has been. I now feed it to all my horses and sprey in on their legs to help keep the flies at bay."

    3/26/2007: Linda ( from Winona, MN writes: "I have a few miniature horses. In the spring when they started to shed, one of them had several areas on his skin that were itchy and and scaley. I took a pail and put Apple Cider Vinegar in it and sponged the areas that were effected. I'm not sure what he had but within a week it was cleared up. The day after doing this, the scaley area started to peel off and under it was clean healthy skin. Within a few days his hair started growing in and now you would never know he had a problem. Usually with horses, if they have an injury to the skin,if the hair grows back it is very noticable. Not in this case. He is beautiful. I use it now with all of them. Just a Tbsp in thier feed daily. It also helps to keep the flies away. I mix ACV,Listerine and water in a spray bottle and once sprayed on, the flies stay away. I love it and there are no bad side effects and it is better for the environment than most commercial fly sprays."

    3/22/2007 (Reader Question): Tammy from Fort Smith, US writes: "I don't have a remedy, I am looking for one. I've heard that Apple Cider vinegar and some type of soap and water is used to kill ticks and flies on horses. Do you know of any such remedy?"

    3/5/2007: martha from buckley, wash writes: "AVC for a colicking horse: My friend's horse was colicking so I had her give it some ACV but we didn't know how much to give. Later the vet agreed that ACV helps stimulate the digestion with it's enzymes and said that about 2 cups was the dosage. And that since ACV is natural and safe, you couldn't overdose on it."
    2/18/2007: Cathy from Delmar, DE writes, "Just read your article on apple cider vinegar and horses. We have 5 standardbreds in training and I am so pleased to have found something natural to give them for all their little aches and pains and flies. Thank you so much."

    1/8/2007: Jane from Macarthur, Victoria, Australia writes, "Apple Cider Vinegar with added garlic certainly helped my older horses coat and skin disorder (together with a little Yellow Sulphur) and also helped with joints. 'I have had a bottle of acv (with garlic added) in the tack room for a while but didn't think my horses needed it. I had an aged pony with a horrible skin problem and thought I would try it on her. Her skin was heaps better (and sooo shiny) after a few weeks. Just 30mls in her feed each evening was enough. I ran out a few weeks ago and forgot to get more each time I went to town. I rode her tonight and she was a bit funny in the joints and her skin didn't seem as shiny as it was. Now I know why, I haven't been feeding her the acv. Tomorrow I am going to find some. I believe it is great stuff. I will never run out again."

    12/10/2006: Melissa from Gonzales, TX writes, "I have been using ACV on JR this past year and have seen a big difference in using this product then any of those commercial fly sprays. I give him around 1/2 cup per day with 2.5 lbs of grain. I also mix in corn oil around 1/2 cup and this has kept his coat looking shinny and flies to a minimum. Great Stuff!"

    11/16/2006: Pat from Oakville, Ontario writes, "I use 1/4 cup of acv in grain everyday. Was told by Pat Carter it would calm a nervous horse and it sure did. My horse loves acv and is so much calmer now, it's amazing."

    4/24/2006: Beverly from Oregon writes, "I tried the acv, flaxmeal, and at first corn oil, but found canola was better. The combo cured my horse from scratching himself until his skin was oozing and crusty. Then his hair would fall out in patches. I have been using the 1/4 acv twice a day, 1/2 cup flaxmeal twice a day and 1/4 canola oil twice a day for about 2 months. Buddy eats better, He not scratching at all and his hips seem to be doing much better. His scratching has been a problem for year, the last two owner gave up on trying to cure him because they tried everything, and he still scratched. Hot wire was the only thing that kept him safe. Now I can let him out and not worry about him. also his whole well being seems great."

    4/10/2006: Tina from Hot Springs, AR writes, "I have a 27 year old quarter horse that went through Marqui treatment for EPM last August. It was a slow hard recovery. About two months ago I noticed that his stools were very loose, but not watery. I was very concerned as horses have fragile digestive systems. I tried ACV 3 ounces everyday for about 1 week now. I noticed after about 3 days they had firmed up but were unusually dark. Today I went to clean his stall and I saw the first normal looking stool I've seen in a long time. He seems to be moving better and I'm not hearing his joints 'crack' as much. Good stuff!"

    2/4/2006: Elaine from UK writes, "i brought my daughters welsh section a pony about 5 months ago and when she came she was really stiff in the hind,someone suggested that i use acv and the results are amazing,within just a week there was a big difference when she was walking and trotting around her field like a youngster."

    1/27/2006: Leah from Perkinston MS writes, "After Hurricane Katrina blew through here flies were every where. I tried the fly collars , fly spray and nothing seem to keep the abundance of flies away from my horses. I went on line when power was restored looking for a answer I came across this forum and I tried ACV and in a matter of two weeks I could see the difference . Flies were still in abundance but left the horses alone more and bothered us more. We were using off spray every night and my son suffers from eczema ( a skin rash disorder) the off irritated him until he started bleeding in areas. I said what the heck and I sprayed it on us.. okay it dried my skin out a little but over all it help us out as well. Thanks to this forum we are not bothered by pesky flies anymore. Leah

    1/26/2006: Robyn from Werribee, Victoria, Australia writes, "I have 2 Standardbred geldings and they have been getting 1/4 cup acv daily since I got them, which is 4 years. I combine it with 1 tbls garlic, 1 tbls dolomite, 1 tsp seaweed meal, 1 tsp yellow sulphur and 1/4 tsp copper sulphate, which by the way is what Pat Colby recommends. The combination keeps my boys healthy and I find that I don't need to worm them as often. They love the taste and lick their bowls clean every night. Their coats are shiny and they keep their weight on throughout the year. I have also found that if they get a scratch or nick it heals in no time flat and flies don't bother them as much as the other horses on the property. I recommend acv to everyone with horses!"

    12/18/2005: Melissa, from Whittier, CA writes, "I have fed 2 ounces of acv 5 times per week to my horses for two years now. ACV in combination with a joint supplement keeps my horses feeling good all the time! They are both shiny, happy and healthy. They don't seem to itch. During the worst of the fly season, they didn't seem horribly bothered by flies as were there neighbors. I also combine 1/3 water, 1/3 Avon SSS and 1/3 ACV for fly spray which worked well. I am very pleased with the health of my horses and attribute much of that to the ACV. I buy a gallon at a time from Smart and Final for under $4. I have persuaded my barn buddies to feed as well... all are happy."
    [SIZE=-1]Nickkie writes to us: "I feed my horse Apple Cider Vinegar every day and he loves the taste. I like it because he has a healthier coat, better appetite, less smelly urine, less fly bites, less need for worming, and better feed efficiency. I also put it in the water buckets to keep algae from growing and to keep the flies out.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]The vet recently told me to up his ACV to 2 cups per day to help prevent kidney and intestinal stones. I have also started giving it to my dogs, and I am also mixing a little in with my tea. The stuff is great!"[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=-1]Valerie, from Shelbyville, IN wrote us recently: "My vet had me spray proud flesh on my horse with cider vinegar then pack the wound with ground black pepper. It healed it up in no time with very minimal scarring. I also feed all my horses 1/4 cup [acv] per day to help their digestion and we put it in the goats water to help them with stones and with white muscle disease."[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]Cindy, from Newville PA writes: "I discovered how wonderful apple cider vinegar was for my horse about 3 years ago. I had to give him supplements that he absolutely refused to eat. I read somewhere to mix some acv in with his feed, and it would mask the taste & smell of the supplements. He loves it! I just keep it in a spray bottle, and after top dressing his grain with supplements, I just spray about 6 good sprays of acv then shake it all together. He is never bothered by flies in the summer either. If I feel the need to apply fly spray, I mix equal parts of acv, water, and Avon skin so soft. I find that this makes an exceptional coat conditioner as well. I make sure to NEVER run out of acv around the barn- my horses would just not tolerate it. They literally lick their feed tubs when the grain is gone!"[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=-1]Christina, from CA writes: "ACV has been working well to get rid of flies. I use minimal fly spray on my horses. I also feed it to help prevent stones, I figure that if it DOESN"T work, it's the cheapest non-usable horse item I've purchased!"[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]Sharon, from Berkshire, England writes, "I give my horse acv every day in his feed, he was suspicious of the smell at first by now loves it. I feed it for his arthritis as it flushes out toxins and he definitely moves a lot easier, his coat is also soft and very shiny, his appetite has improved too."[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=-1]Kimberly, from Charlotte, North Carolina writes, "We don't feed ACV to horses, but the ferrier did tell us to spray it on their hooves when they have a flare up of thrush. It dries it right up."[/SIZE]

    Erika, from Eugene, Oregon writes, "My 30 year old Tennessee Walker has been on acv for several months now. He is doing great, and eats all his grain at night. It helps with the flies, and he is not bothered by them too much anymore. I use 1/4c on top of his grain and supplements each night. It's great for his coat too!!!"
    Jody, from NSW Australia writes, "I am using it to help with Arthritis in my older horses."
    Melanie, from Calgary Alberta Canada tells us, "We give our horses 2 capfuls of acv 3 to 4 times a week in their grain for the past seven years and wouldn't be without it ever. We make sure we buy the unpasteurized kind from the health food dept because it has the active enzymes. It seems to keep their guts clean and moving and a around healthy tonic. ACV is full of potassium and here in alberta I sometimes feel our hay lacks the full amount a horse requires. My girlfriend uses it in a spray bottle and sprays it on sores muscles after a session of cattle penning. We also keep a syringe full of ACV in the barn (without the needle of course) and if a horse colics, I have been told by people at the race track, to shoot the liquid into their mouth to help with the pain. The enzymes apparently stimulate the digestion immediately, hence the bad taste!! I compete with my horse and I would not be without my acv and my liquid garlic (3 drops a day, 3 times a week) to keep a strong immune system."
    Anonymous writes, "For reducing swelling on a horse (or any animal), wrap the leg in a rag soaked in apple cider vinegar. Wrap in plastic and then bandage to hold it in place - leave on for 4 or more hours."

    Patricia, from Cardiff writes, "Am using to treat my horse's arthritis at the moment but very early on at present but showing improvements already after only 2 weeks. What I will say however is that my horse absolutely loves it, he cannot get enough of the stuff, even spends twenty minutes licking his bowl clean. Excellent."

    Lisa, from Gloustershire, UK writes, "I regularly feed apple cider vinegar to my arthritic 30 year old pony. It has given him a new lease of life, less pain and an increased range of movement and free from bute. I am currently studying equine science at Hartpury College and am working on a research proposal to investigate the properties of apple cider vinegar in relation to an alleviation aid for developmental joint disease such as arthritis in the horse."

    Carol, from Deltona, FL writes: I gave this 19 yr old Standredbred Mare (1/2 cup per feeding)who was under weight and muck itch. Along with ACV 1/2 cup corn oil and 1/2 cup ground Flax seed per feeding twice a day. Then I bred her and her foal came out "Super". It was a colt his coat was smooth as silk and he is very "bright". His mother was cured of the "muck itch" but it took longer then 30 days. Now, I have another mare and she is getting 1/2 cup ACV and (before I got her) she was mistreated and very under weight. I believe ACV works and I live in FL where bugs are year around. I use White Vinegar on the outside of my horses for a fly spray and to kill any "fungus" they may have."
    Anonymous writes, "Add 5 tsp. of apple cider vinegar to your horse's oats morning and evening to stop fly bites. We have a Quarterhorse who was literally covered in welts from fly bites. After starting on the vinegar, the bites disappeared and were kept under control for the remainder of the season. "

    Shannon, from Elk, WA writes," I put a capful of ACV in there water to keep down the algae, and to help with flies and other ailments they may have. Have been having a problem with dry skin and some that are a bit under weight. So far it is working good for me. I am going to try and put some on a mare's grain that just had a stillborn colt(placenta delivered first) And see if it will help her and I also give her sage to help her dry up easily."

    Lauren, from Fair Hill, Maryland writes, "ACV is about one of the best things that I have found to work with my horse in every way!! My horse no longer has ulcers and has a great appetite. It is also great for her coat and cures thrush in the hooves and is great with the flies. Plus it keeps away the algae and mosquitoes in the water buckets and tubs!!! I think it's one of the best things ever!! I make sure to never run out of it in the barn..."
    Nan writes, "I have used cider vinegar for years to help keep mosquitoes & other biting insects away from both myself & my horses. I take 1 oz per day, and give my horses about 1/2 cup per day."

    Cheryl, from Frankfort, IN writes, "We used to feed the horses a 1/2 cup daily in their grain. It made their hair coat soft and silky and they utilized their grain better with the vinegar. Also the biting flies didn't bother them as much and not at all if there was another horse around that was not on the vinegar. Also the fly larvae supposedly don't thrive in the manure so you have less flies. Also the horse's sweat is not white and lathery but rather thin and watery so it doesn't dry white on their coat. I recently picked up a bottle of Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar and noticed it no longer said made from apples but rather it said apple flavoring. If not made from apples what is is made from and when did it change from real apples. I was looking for a more economical brand than Bragg (which is a great product but pricey when using on the horses of which I have several)."

    Mindy, from Polk City, FL writes, "I have a pony who was constantly rubbing his mane, neck and chest when he got sweaty and hot. I started spraying him after hosing him off each day with ACV/water mixture. All his hair grew back in, sores healed, and he quit scratching. It sure worked for him!"

    Steve -- Brisbane, QLD writes, "I have started a daily supplement of Apple Cider Vinegar, one cup in my horses feed for severe arthritis. After only weeks I am now riding her again. I am introducing a steady and light exercise program for her so as not to push her too far to soon. And she will not be competing in any events as she deserves and has well earned retirement. But the complete success of the treatment means that she may be able to live out the rest of her life without pain. I also have been giving her Glucosamine and Chondroitin which I believe is helping as well. Since I discovered the remedy for my horse I take Apple Cider Vinegar daily for fatigue and migraines and have had a huge success."

    Eugenie from Bermuda writes, "I give my 21 year Brlgian draft ACV instead of expensive joint formula. It works just as well and is a lot cheaper! He rides like a much younger horse, his coat, teeth and build are excellent. I now use it to treat thrush. It clears it up quickly and is less damaging to the frog than bleach."

    [SIZE=-1]Colin from Ireland writes, "Hi I use ACV every day after being told by an old Irish horseman. My 16yr old mare who still competes at show jumping had a problem where she became very overweight during her "time off" .He told me to use it to "melt the fat" which it appears to do. My mare is now heading towards 17 but thinks she is still a 4 year old thanks to ACV."[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=-1]Posted on 1/1/06: Wendy from Bishop CA, writes, "To save money what I do is take a 5 gallon bucket, empty one jar of unpasteurized ACV along with 2 large pasteurized ACV, then poor them into the 5 gallon bucket. Wait about 4 weeks (this is the time it takes for the culture to grow). What I do is create a cycle, so I never run out."[/SIZE]

    "You can mix 1/3 Vinegar (any type but Apple Cider smells better), 1/3 water, and 1/3 Pine Sol (and scent but I like Orange) Mix in a spray bottle and it makes the greatest fly spray for horses (and other animals(dogs, goats, etc)) as well as barn spray to keep flies down. I live in Texas where the flies are monsters and this REALLY truly works!!! The three vets I have talked about it with said it was 100% safe and the Pine Sol contains less powerful and harmful chemicals than actual fly spray! The 1,000's of horse owners that have used it (I got the recipe off a very popular horse website) have used it with no ill effects what so ever for years now. This will save you a ton of money and less yucky chemicals!"
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    Wow, great post. Who would've known ACV?
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    Thanks for posting this. I used to give my horses ACV because it somehow counteracted the "hard" water from my well. I got lazy. Now I will make sure to do it again. Especially as a fly repellent!!!
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    I've used ACV for years ...what I dont know it works on I try anyway ..its best for FLYS .....Love all the uses you can get out of it ....
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    I never knew it was such amazing stuff! Its a long read, but deffinatly worth it! Im going to buy some tomorrow for sure!!
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    wow I never knew it was that good for them I always feed it to wish! wow I could be helping my horse alot :) Thanks for that

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    I give it to our older gelding who has entroliths. It nuetralizes the Ph level and will keep any remaining ones from getting bigger. I think I am going to put the other boys on it as well after reading that post. Thanks naughtygirl:)
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    What is in this solution that makes those pests go away? the apple cider or the vinegar?
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    Kind of off topic, but I also use ACV for sore throats in will kick any sore throat's butt you get. Especially if you mix it with lemon juice -- I usually use 2 T ACV, 2 T lemon juice, and then fill the glass to about 3/4 full with water to make it not so strong. Gargle, and if you can stand it, especially if the sore throat is not being touched by the gargle, sip some -- it works wonders! Just make sure to rinse your mouth out afterwards, as since its vinegar it can hurt the enamel on your teeth if you leave it sit on there.
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    ACV is a miracle worker. It is also very beneficial for us to drink, it has so many health benefits you wouldnt believe.....

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