Anyone deal with EPM

Discussion in 'Horse Health' started by BipolarHonor, Aug 8, 2018.

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    Can a horse have it and not show any signs other than random lameness and weakness in hind end? I mentioned to my vet that I want to test my guy for lymes and told her why and she said it sounds more like EPM but when I looked at the symptoms he only really has one of the symptoms....
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    They can have really wonky symptoms... get him tested. Then, if he has it, treat him and get a good EMT to rehab him.... particularly a graduate from Midwest Natural Healing for Animals
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    EPM can affect horse's differently, one symptom or all of them. Have him tested and go from there.
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    I dealt with EPM last year. There wasn't any particular symptom that clued me in other than noticing that something had definitely changed. I noticed a couple times the horse stumbled coming down the hill, the way the horse stood occassionally in the front and hind, and the way the right hind sometimes landed to the inside. At times he seemed to pull himself with the front instead of push from behind when going up a hill. All of his symptoms were not consistent. I would notice it one moment, but it was gone the next. Oddly, he passed his neuro exam with flying colors, but it didn't convince me. Had him tested, and he was off the charts positive. Had him treated and retested. His numbers were very low, and vet said the meds worked. He got it out on pasture during a very rainy year with lots of flashflooding. It makes you feel pretty helpless when one lousy oppossum can take a crap anywhere on your property, and it could kill your horse. Our vet said the EPM cases in our area are increasing pretty fast. If you feel like something is wrong, I would definitely get him tested.
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