A huge thanks to the veterinarians!

Discussion in 'Horse Health' started by meljean, Dec 29, 2015.

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    For the last year or so, I have been privileged to be allowed to post stories and photos from Equine Clinics and Hospitals, and the Veterinarians who practice there.

    Without fail, when I wrote to them asking for permission to post things from their Facebook pages, or websites for their practices, they wrote back they were happy to allow me to do that.

    WI Equine Clinic and Hospital, Rood and Riddle at their various locations, Arizona Equine, and many others have allowed me, through HGS, to expand our knowledge, and give us things to consider with our own equines.

    Many of these things have not been seen by members before, or only by a few that have worked with many horses over many years. Some hopefully we will never see. And some will be seen.

    Also, there have been just regular people, horse owners like each of us, who have graciously allowed me to take their photos and stories and post those as well.

    Going into the New Year, it is good to remember those that have shared with us.

    Thanks to all.
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    Some years back, when my Percheron Smoke was much younger, we were having inner vaginal issues with her due to the 2 foals she had prior to us owning her. At the time, one of the vets we used at a local clinic, who then specialized in draft care and issues, worked on her and cleared up the issue. She now works for Rood and Riddle and is just a really good vet.

    Those who I know personally who have taken a horse to their clinic have nothing but nice things to say about them or the vet's they worked with. Top notch equine clinic for sure!

    Thank you Meljean for posting threads on equine issues...it is helpful and informative.
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    We all, I'm sure, look forward to being challenged by your "What's Your Diagnosis" threads, Mel.

    Keep them coming. (y) So much fun to see these cases and read the replies from members here and the diagnoses and treatments.
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    I love your threads on his stuff! Always learn something new :)
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