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    Dec 2, 2005
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    Favorite Color - Pink (and I try to avoid dark colors due to dog hair.)
    Shirt Size - Small/Medium - T-shirts and hoodies are often worn.
    Favorite Animal - Dogs, I have three. Two labs (Rem and Ben) and a beagle (Frank). They love to destroy toys and get fat on treats. Some say I am the crazy dog lady as they are my children.
    Horses - I have quarter horses (2). One I ride, one who is happily living out life. May be selling my riding horse this week - but will be on the search for another. Don't really need horse items - but I do western things, pleasure, showmanship, trail etc.
    Hobbies - Love dirt track racing. Dirt modifieds are the kind we race. Our race number is 722.
    Odd and Ends - Cups with lids, travel cups or tumblers - always can use them. Socks, who doesn't like warm feet? I wear nail polish, color choice right now is pink for my Mom who has cancer (Because of this, I use those $0.99 hand sanitizers from BB&B often and keep them all over). I like hard candy - just not minty stuff. I enjoy bow hunting (shoot an Elite) and observing nature.
    Feel free to do homemade - I have a little side thing I do with vinyl :)

    Things to avoid - food and scented things (candles, soaps, bath fragrances, etc). Also allergic to non-nickle free jewelry. Don't really do knick-knacks as our house is small and I don't have a Christmas tree because the dogs knock it over.
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    Sep 29, 2004
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    I am redecorating my house to western style, so anything western decor, picture frames (any size). I ride cutting horses, so if you come across anything with that on it, or longhorn cattle.

    Gift certificates to smartpak or SLT or amazon.

    I like reading, mainly murder mysteries or western romance type (like Linda Lael Miller).
  3. Circle C

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    Mar 9, 2005
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    I absolutely LOVE good coffee from other countries.. dark or medium roast, smooth coffee. Flavored is yummy, just don't care for vanilla flavored.

    I love cultural things from other countries, knick-knacks, etc. I love to learn about other places.

    I have one horse... a QH and he is mostly cob sized. He loves treats (healthy things, please).

    I have 3 dogs... A chihuahua, a Miniature Pinscher and a Border Collie. They love toys and treats (healthy things, please).

    I love pumpkin flavored things.

    I love craft beer (no IPA's :sick:) and sweet, red wine.

    I like beach themed things.

    Shirt size: adult small or a juniors large.

    Fav color is teal/turquoise.

    I love smutty books haha

    I also like candles.

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