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    NOTE: Posting in this does NOT sign you up for the Gift Exchange, you have to sign up in thread in this link. 2018 Christmas Gift Exchange

    2018 Christmas Wish List!

    You have to go to this thread, follow the directions, and PM me so you are in the exchange.
    Posting a wish list in this thread does NOT sign you up, and without you signing up, you are not in the Gift Exchange.

    (This is for participants in the official gift exchange only! You have to sign up for that)

    Remember, if you sign up for the gift exchange, posting here is a requirement! No exceptions!

    First a few simple rules.

    1) Please, only post on here if you are participating in the exchange.

    2) Wish lists only. Please don't comment on others' lists, or bump, etc. Keep it simple so its easy to find your buddy.

    3) It doesn't have to be horse related - post anything at all that you like or hope to get.

    4) Keep in mind that we've set a $20 limit. No asking for diamonds! Or a new horse.

    5) Also, in the interests of everyone's pocketbook, I would like to offer this year, the suggestion that if someone wants to do an international exchange, that the idea of a gift card to a company doing business in that country be considered.

    6) Some members do not mind gift cards, or a gift certificate to favored store in their area for instance, and others would rather not have a gift card, so if you have a preference on that, please put that in your post.

    If you have a specific place that you like, please enter link as I did on the Hagen-Renaker figurines, so a gift card may be bought to that place, or a list of stores possibly?

    I did Canada 2 years, or 3, and the shipping and handling was twice the limit we had set for gifts.

    While it may not be as much "fun" as getting a package, at the same time it may open door for others to have a Secret Santa in another country.
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    I just started playing Pickleball, so balls for pickleball, any color but white, would be cool. Nothing horsey for me, don't have any anymore. Dog treats would work though.
    I like windchimes, little frogs, or other little outdoor plastic life-like critters for the garden that I can put amongst the plants. A rain gauge. And I always need car air fresheners.
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  3. OldGreyMare

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    May 30, 2010
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    Love small stud earrings, anything QH or Percheron, long scarfs, coffee and lately dark, no flavors and love to read books on scottish history, nursing, horses, etc. I am pretty easy to please, am thankful for the effort the person put forth to look for something.
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  4. QuarterHorseMomma

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    Dec 31, 2015
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    Red Tri Australian Shepherds
    Quarter Horses (Bays & Buckskins)
    Paint Horses (Sorrel & White w/ bald face)
    Coffee & Mugs & Bottles
    Horse/Vet Med books
    Lead rope
    Split Reins (would love a nice set in tan/brown/black)

    That one in a million chance my SS is a leather worker!
    Bronc Noseband with Magnolia flowers and the name Blue Magnolia or Magnolia for short in light blue.
  5. NBChoice

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    May 15, 2014
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    Anything with Great Danes or American Saddlebreds.
    My favorite restaurant is the cheesecake factory.
    I love dark chocolate. The darker, the better. And also sour gummy worms.
    I like soft blankets and soft gloves. And Christmas ornaments.
    Dog toys are always appreciated by the dogs.
    I'm a nurse so nursing related things are cute too.
    And I'll be having a baby boy next March so baby things are cool too. Horse themed or not.

    that's probably enough of an idea for someone I would imagine.
  6. Dona Worry

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    May 11, 2016
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    I collect pig things. If it is a pig thing, I will love it.
    I especially like dish or tea towels with pigs, but I am also partial to cardinals.
    Also love socks!
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    I love books, food, chocolate, coffee, tea, candles, socks, and handmade things. Dog treats/toys are a bit hit and the horses appreciate treats! My husband and I are moving in together and have about two of everything, so consumable is easier than long lasting for us at this point.
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    :) Here we go again!!!
    First off I want to give a big THANK YOU to Meljean for taking this job on! :bow:
    The time and hard work you put into this exchange is outstanding and you do an AMAZING job!!! [​IMG]

    Now down to business... [​IMG]

    [​IMG] I will try to make it easy for my Secret Santa....
    Here goes:
    First off know that I am just a little old (66 yrs) lady in tennis shoes! [​IMG]

    My favorite colors are yellow and pink.

    I love pretty sounding, & looking, Wind Chimes to hang outside..... <----also, pretty Wind Spinners!

    I adore cute Christmas Tree Ornaments....:wink: (never saw a Santa or penguin I didn't like!)

    I also love those soft peppermint sticks that stores sell during the holidays!

    I have pierced ears and am always looking for pretty ones.... ( not too small please, my finger and eyes do not work as well as they used too! ) I really like those super long, skinny, earrings that almost touch your shoulders. If you can find a pair that is that is long enough to touch my shoulders that would be GREAT! (I do have a short neck...LOL)

    I have a Sterling silver charm bracelet that could always use another cute charm.
    Yes, charms that are horses and Miniature Pinschers are always acceptable, but something that represents you or your state would be super too!

    I enjoy a fruity/sweet wine....as well as a nice Sangria. (Yes, I drink Arbor Mist!)
    I have always wanted to try Mead....Honey or fruit....a sweet version. :D

    I love, love, LOVE the fragrance/scent of coconut...and like the scent of various fruits and vanilla. I love "fruity" Body Sprays!

    Just keep in mind that I would love to receive items that are associated with your town/state/region.

    ....... please don't worry..... I am very easy to please and will love and appreciate anything you select to send!
    ...After all you selected it just for me!!!! [​IMG]
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  9. equinitis

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    Here goes!

    My favorite color is any shade of green.
    I am a collector of long-sleeved T-shirts, measuring spoons, cherubs, dragons, mules and penguins. Long sleeved T-shirts with dragons, mules, cherubs or penguins tick two boxes for me! I'm not sure how I'd feel about a t-shirt with measuring spoons. lol
    XL men or 2XL womens

    I like rose, honeysuckle and spice type scents, candles or whatever, cinnamon, vanilla and such. I have several Scentcy things and can always use more wax for them. I don't usually buy Scentcy brand but am partial to several of the ones you can buy at Walmart!

    I love socks. Tall socks in loud, obnoxiously loud, colors or designs that I mix up and never where two of the same except for my chicken leg socks. Those I wear together. This is how I thumb my nose at my OCD and am a little rebellious at work where I am required to dress in business attire. No socks are too obnoxious to wear with my black pumps at work as long as no vulgarity is visible.

    I love, love, love junk jewelry. I like to buy the sets they sell at places like JC Penney and such. Not too expensive and they don't last forever so I don't get tired of wearing them! Such a wide variety of stuff.

    I have 3 cats in the house, 2 seniors that are 16 years old and a young punk. They love treats and all of the usual cat toys.

    3 dogs in the house, a senior Chihuahua, Sparky; A Boston Terrorist, Adorable (Addy); and a Dalmatian, Colt. Sparky has almost no teeth and Addy and Colt could tear up an anvil so, although treats for them are always welcome, no toys for them please. Addy will eat anything so I have to be very careful about toys since they will certainly destroy it within seconds. Sparky loves clothes and wears a small in most everything. She is tan. I have a ton of collars for all of them because I like to change them out all of the time so any sort of collar or collar embellishment is always welcome. I don't use harnesses on them at all. Colt and Addy are both Black and White.

    I have so many equines but if getting something equine is what you want to do, Norm is a candidate for treats, toys and such. I am putting black on him but any color will look OK on him other than gray. He is wearing weanling halters now.

    There are 3 adults in my home, me, my husband and my mother. We like to play card games, board games and such. We have all of the usual suspects, Wahwoo, Skip Bo, Yahtzee, Phase 10, dominoes up to double 12, life, monopoly (several themes), but we can always use regular playing cards and unique looking dice that have the standard 1-6. We can wear a set of cards out over a weekend in the winter so I am always buying cards.

    Human treats are always welcome, we like our sweets!

    Soft fuzzy stuff, throws, lounge pants, socks etc. are always welcome in my house! I hate to be cold and so does Sparky who is always in my lap if I have made one!

    Anything themed from the area you live in would be great.

    All of that^ sounds self absorbed and greedy to me! I just want to give plenty of options to my SS!
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    Ooh I love gift exchanges!

    I am allergic to corn, so I would prefer to avoid anything with an ingredients list (this includes things like beauty products, bath bombs, etc) because corn is hidden in everything.

    I am a crazy rabbit lady. I love things with rabbits on them - novelty items, etc.

    I have a medium sized dog who is allergic to grains, but she does love toys.

    I foster kittens for my RSPCA, so kitten toys (even homemade) for my fosters to play with are always acceptable.

    I have 4 horses, all take cob to full sized things.

    I also have a variety of birds. They love toys too.

    Me personally I am into Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, rabbits, gardening, astronomy (not astrology though :p ), animals in general, and I am a teacher so you can never go wrong with stationary. Especially novelty stationary, sticky notes, stickers, etc. Or kids books.

    I also do love Christmas and Christmas themed things.

    I am also fine with vouchers to pretty much any store in Australia such as Horseland, Officeworks, KMart AU, Pet Stock, Pet Barn, National Geographic, Dymocks, or whatever else you come across that looks fun. I do love trying new things, and I also love homemade things. I also have a Kindle - can you get kindle vouchers?

    I love cultural things too, so things themed from where you live are cool.

    Can't wait to do this again! :D

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