2018 Christmas Card Exchange!!!

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    2018 Christmas Card Exchange.

    Please, don't forget your e-mail.

    Please read the following rules, and then let's get going on spreading some Christmas Cheer.
    Do you like getting a smile in the mail instead of another bill? Then join us for our HGS/MHF Christmas Card exchange! This has been lots of fun in the past.

    The rules--

    I will be collecting addresses until October 30th, the list will be emailed out by Nov 1st.

    You must be a Senior member, with at least 60 days membership to join
    (for security reasons)

    Members under 18 must have parental consent.

    You do not have to send to everyone on list, send as many or as few as you want to.

    PM me-

    Your Username
    Your real name and address
    , including country (please don't forget your name, your mailman will think you are strange if your mail comes addressed to your username![​IMG] )
    A working email address (so you can get your copy)
    Parental consent if under 18

    Confirmation PMs will be sent when you are added.

    Please remember to keep all addresses to PMs!

    Don't forget your e-mail please.

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