17" Circle P training Saddle

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    Bought this on whim when I had some cash burning a hole in my pocket. Doesn't fit my mare quite the way I wanted it to. Bought a different saddle that works better so this one has to go.

    7" gullet, Circle P Lami-Cell, rough out leather. Supple. Comfy. Quality seems pretty decent (a LOT better than the cheap no-namers I have come across). First two pictures were when it was new, its not so light now and broken in with your typical signs of use. Gullet pic is more true to current color. Its out in the barn and not taking pictures tonight. Can get some tomorrow.

    $400 shipped (Shipping is $50 and included in the price)

    32934623_10155741678173869_4995054945297235968_n (1).jpg

    33127476_10155741678128869_9072860169301393408_n (1).jpg

    33083979_10155741678098869_3409591656586936320_n (1).jpg

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