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    1. shenanigans
      Where in Ab are you? If you are around the Edmonton area Spruce Grove feeds has the best prices and they will order anything from the Step line for your horses. Even if it's only a few bags. G&E you have to order enough for 40 horses or they won't do it.
      Spruce Grove Feeds is one of the best places to find good quality feeds without any BS. Keep me posted on how your search goes alright :)
    2. Dancers Mom
      Dancers Mom
      Send your email and I will send you a copy of my lease. I cannot post it on here as it is a PDF file. My email is tia19652001@yahoo.com
    3. Tiffany01
      Heeeey. Whats up?? I miss talking to you. I got a new FB btw add me.

    4. LVMYQH
      Im getting reds from that thread but o well :D BTW I agree with everything youve said
    5. Outlaws_Gunn
      I want to apologize for my rudeness in my thread. You were not being rude in the least, I was, and I'm sorry. Hope you can forgive me. :)
    6. Riosdad
      Why would you want to be my friend?? I am clearly a troll and have no place on this forum?
      I would like to have a another friend.
      Thank you for asking.
    7. DellsBrightMedi
      I'm just curious... How did you get the shameless behavior mark? Don't get me wrong, I actually think this just means that you say what you want to with out the retarded regard for your HGS rep!! Lol ...You don't have to reply if you don't want or you could pm me ..Like I said I am just curious because I have a little issue with speaking my mind without regard:D
    8. xXScribbleXx
      yes, she is amazing. And I love Gino (the stud) he is such a manly man. Let me know how the foal is, I would love a foal from him.
    9. beat_it
      I love Cherrie. We brought our mare to be bred to In Krymsuns Image, this spring. Cherrie is a doll.
    10. beat_it
      You live in Spruce Grove? Where do you train at? Why haven't we met? My horses are in Calahoo!
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    Alberta, Canada
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    APHA, Pinto, AQHA
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    I have experience in many disciplines, but grew to like Western Pleasure, and being able to purchase a school master in the APHA classes (HUS, WP, Trail, SMS, Halter, lungeline, and horsemanship). With great help from a dedicated coach, and myself, we won many many ribbons in our short time showing. After that my coach retired, and so did my horse. Scotty still stays on the property, and I am learning more and more about conformation VS performance, and how if effects the horse.

    With that, I have always liked the inhand events, so I have moved onto minis, with my driving gelding; Nuge, and my halter stalion prospect; Armani. Both will be showin in 2013


    Yesterday was the past, Tomorrow is the future, today is a gift, and that's why its called the present...
    Currently HORSE-LESS
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