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    1. Sparrow
      Hi! I use Nikon D300s with Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 or Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5 VR :) I have to admit that I'm a "Nikon-fan" but with Canon EOS 50D you get alot for the money :) Its a great camera.
    2. PatrioticPOA

      I used a Canon Digital Rebel Xsi with 18-55 mm lens (crazy, huh?) for the shots that you saw. And a UV filter. I've used three different rebels in the last 4 years and absolutely love this camera. It's "cheaper" than the 40D but still has the fantastic Canon quality. Ask someone if they will let you borrow the camera and test it out before you buy it. It's a lot to invest if it isn't something you are looking for.
    3. ACCphotography
      Canon 40D with the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens.
    4. shenanigans
      Hi, I just use a Sony DSC-H7 its an 8.1 mega pixel.Thank you for the compliments, my friend Miranda she takes alot of pics & is a great photographer...thats why I always give her credit when she takes a pic of my horses, she is so much more talented lol.
    5. gypsy84
      I love my camera :) It's the smallest, most lightweight DSLR I've used and it's really nice to carry around. I just use the kit lens that came with it, and switch the shooting modes depending on what I'm doing.
    6. gypsy84
      Thanks! I have a Nikon D40x, it's perfect for what I use it for! Canon's are great, but I'm not really an expert on cameras ;)
    7. phoebeq
      Yes, I do! I had a D70 before and this one is great! It is sooooo fast! I took 850 photos of my colts first time in the pasture in like 30 or 45 minutes. It takes very clear pictures and compared to the 6 megapixels of my D70, the 12 of the D90 is awesome! I have always been a Nikon girl...mainly because I started with a Ricoh and they used the same lenses, so when I upgraded to my first Nikon (an N70 35mm) I was able to keep the lenses I had, and it just kind of went from there. I have been very happy with every Nikon I have owned. But, I do know many people that use the Canons and they love theirs as well, I just have never tried one :)
    8. DB4L90
      Yes, it's just right for me right now. If I get better at photography and really want to pursue it and I have enough money, then I will probably upgrade but for what I do, the XT is working just fine for me :)
    9. phoebeq
      Hey there :) I use a Nikon D90 and I love it. I have always used Nikon, but my point and shoot is a Canon and it is awesome. I don't know much about Canons, but I know several people that use them and love them. It all depends on personal preference...Good luck in your camera shopping :)
    10. Wildshot
      Thank you for the info!
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