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Aug 22, 2004
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West USA
stall mucker, pony wrangler

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Mar 22, 2019 at 5:49 PM
    1. jdavies2263
      my daughter is trying out for a queen contest and the speech topic is a difficult one : Rodeo through my spurs - can you help us? I can send a separate message with what we have so far but I am stuck!

      Thank you in advance,
      Jamie and Bailey
    2. the travlng rdr
    3. Feliche
      Awww...well I bet they're just getting fat and sassy :D Nothing wrong with that! Ask Feliche. LOL. Thanks...you take care of yourself too :D
    4. Feliche
      I'm headed to bed, but since I saw you on I thought I would say hello =) So...Hello! Long time, no see. I hope you're well!
    5. wanton_philo
      No problem! I'm glad I could help!

      I'm actually in the middle of writing a paper about philosophy of science, not one of my favorite subsections of philosophy. It isn't going very well because we have a minimum page requirement of four and I just hit three with not much more to go. -_-

      I'm graduating in Summer 2010 and will be heading off to a post-bac program to prepare for medical school. I love philosophy but four years of studying it is starting to make me hate it. :( It's a shame, because philosophy is wonderful.

      My school, UCLA, focuses on analytical and philosophy of language/logic. I like ethics as well, along with human action, but I'm afraid our ethics department is a bit bare. Most of our professors at Kant scholars and they focus on metaphysics and/or logic. Modality is a huge thing here too. I'm afraid Ancient philosophy is not really our thing. We used to have Calvin Normore, the foremost medieval philosopher, but we just lost him to McGill. I've taken a few classes on the history of philosophy and the Ancient Greeks and they are rather interesting, but I'm not so much on the individual philosopher level but more so on forging my own path with logic. :)

      It was great talking to another philosophy major! Have a great day! :D
    6. Feliche
      Thanks Kelley :)
    7. RampantLion
      hahah WOW....guess I haven't discovered the date feature yet, he. Well, glad he turned out alright! xxx
    8. Feliche
      Awwhs thanks Kelley!! *Mwahs* :cutekiss:
    9. TB4life
    10. Keerah
      I must ask! Where at in Oregon are you?
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    West USA
    stall mucker, pony wrangler
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    AQH, mustang
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    I'm the only rider in the family and I'm at four horses. Page was the first one, then Roy because Page was injured and needed a year off, then Tuck because I just couldn't separate Page and Roy by taking Roy to college; they're so in love! Followed by Lottie, who I got for free. Lottie went to my best friend and I picked up the slaughter-bound wild horse, Vito, based on a website photo in May 2014.
    reading, writing, chores...


    There's one bit that works on every horse: a bit of knowledge.
    Savvy Shootin Tucker "Tucker" 2002 QH Mafioso Vito "Vito" 2011 Mustang
    Last Rites "Preacher" 2017 Mustang
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