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Apr 22, 2018 at 9:57 PM
    1. Limespark
      Are we talking a full-size FLY inside your eyelid?!?! Or was it like, a fruit-fly type thing, a little buzzy tiny one? I am morbidly curious because an actual fly seems like a very large thing to get in your eye but didn't want to derail that other thread any more lol. :)
    2. Super Step
      Super Step
      You have been busy. I understand. Beautiful baby you have.

      Yes, the cows made it. I have over 20 calves out of them now. Drought is not a problem here. This has been the longest, wettest winter I can remember. I have had to buy hay, 100 rolls so far. Grass is green, going to fertilize this week.
      Nice to catch up on how your life has been.
    3. Super Step
      Super Step
      I have a cattle pot question. Will 47 heavy bred cows fit on a pot? The trucker says he can safely fit them in. I figure he will be over weight but that is his problem. I am just a tad bit concerned about the cows.
      Calm my fears please.
    4. Chester
    5. Rhythm 'n Blues
      Rhythm 'n Blues
      HOLLY GEESE! I go to my likes page.....and see someone has been stalking me! :wink: LOL Outta my last 5 likes.....4 from you! Thanks So Much! <3 Happy Holidays Too! :tiphat:
    6. jedy
      Hey, thanks for that. On one hand I feel I need to speak up, on the other hand after seemingly antagonising people I thought I should havevstayed quiet. Aparently I get agitated in this topics, it's not the first time....
    7. miss machine
      miss machine
      My pleasure :)
    8. miss machine
      miss machine
      tl, started looking at your pictures after reading a thread about what you were feeding your horses. You've got a really nice looking group, all of them with pretty dang good conformation. I would take several off of your hands. :)
    9. Maisie
      Hi tlw, possumtrot posted in "The Devil Within" thread that you are having a rough time & need some thought's prayers, & jingles for your Momma.
      I can't find your thread, but want you to know I am praying for you & your Mom that your troubles will be healed & life will be good again (((hugs)))
    10. Chester
      did you read my reply to you in the false tail thread?
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    I don't remember not being horse crazy.


    In no other department of human knowledge has there been such a universal and persistent habit of misrepresenting the truth of history as in matters relating to the horse. -John H. Wallace

    Where would we be without AGRICULTURE? Naked and hungry. Go thank a farmer.

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