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    1. happygolucky
      Cool, are the jumper shows in the summer? I will go watch lol.
    2. happygolucky
      Oh sorry, here is PEI lol.
    3. happygolucky
      Really lol, we moved out here in 2009 from Ontario actually.
    4. Teekin
      Thanks for the reality check. If the ship you're on is already sinking why stay aboard to drill more holes. It's smarter to get off while you can.
      I'll be happy to return the favor. :)
      Please thank and bow to you sig other. ( drop your chin slightly and lower your gaze from his for about 3 seconds and close your eyes for 1 second, while in the bow. Have your hands slightly further forward toward your thighs than straight vertical.) He will understand what This version of a bow means. My old Judo coach time in Japan, taught us the history, culture and rituals behind martail arts. I can bow at least 50 ways. This way is very very respectful. If we meet I'll have to show you how to very subtley tell another who understands the language of a bow "you are less than dog dirt on the bottom of my shoe, it sickens me that I must interact with your . . .ilk". :) Swear words in another language
    5. Fox Glove
      Fox Glove
      I am saying this as gently as I can, I am not going back to that thead for a number of reaons. Nor will I be bringing your message from adult to the HgF FB page, for another number of reasons. With all due respect, and please understand, I am not being at all unkind. I am not your mouthpiece, and I do not care to be told " So FG take this to the fb group." If you feel what you did was wrong, and I feel it was. The fire had long been put out, and people were being spoken to like dirt. It is yours to go and tell them yourself. No one is faster to take up for the underdog than I. But take my advice and have your ducks in a row before you call a group of people out, and speak so unkindly to them. I did what I had to do today, sitting here in horrible mouth pain, you can do what you have to do. Good luck, it takes a big person to say they are sorry. Be proud at least you can say it! I appricate that.
    6. angie j
      angie j
      Where did you work in S Ontario? What towns/ townships? I live in N Durham.. NewMarket area.
    7. Jennie'sPassion
      It is hard when you have a young baby. I know it is hard to get back into your routine. When the baby gets more active you can too...just don't overeat or stress eat and you will be fine. Don't beat yourself up...put a picture of yourself on the fridge (a pre baby picture...LOL) and just keep reminding yourself that is what you will look like again in afew months. I did that to keep from eating and it worked for me,
    8. Jennie'sPassion
      Thank you so much for the compliment. My baby is 12yrs old now so I have had plenty of time to go back to what is normal for me. My boys are 14 months apart so it took me almost 8 months to get back to normal after the youngest. I only gained 20 lbs with with#1 and gained almost 50 lbs with #2. Hang in there...
    9. Alliekk
      :rofl: Good lord woman, you really are desperate for company! Allowing rodents to make housing under your steps :p I'd have made Leif "deal" with them (my cat is useless when it comes to actually behaving like a cat :rolleyes:)

      Oh, and I'm beat! It's bed time, lady! Night!
    10. Alliekk
      Well you already have a Miss CAN title for a certain provocative exercise... :p That's more than I have going... I was voted most beautiful hair in my senior class, that was about it! Haha!
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