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Dec 18, 2012
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Dec 18, 2012
    1. suncolorsranch
      Been a really long time since I have been here. I like the new look!
    2. ACCphotography
      Hi there!! I saw the new pearl _____ filly! STUNNING!! What color do you think she is!? She's one of the most unusual colors I've ever seen and I can't figure her out!
    3. luvmyride
      So I just realized after looking at your facebook page that a friend of mine from my old barn is expecting a Buckwheat baby. I knew her mare was in foal, but I didn't know it was by him. Now I'm jealous!
    4. mkyacrm
      yea i already checked out all of his pictures, and thank you for wishing me luck :D
    5. mkyacrm
      hey saw a bunch of your pictures of buckwheat. I'm very glad I found them because I have a gelding that im training for speed, western, huntseat, and jumping, and i was unsure of how well he would do at all of them. When i saw buckwheat, it gave me hope. thanks for showing him off
    6. endurgirl
      So does Buckwheat stay at a trainer's or do you keep him up yourselves?

      How often does he get ridden?

      He looks amazing!
    7. Travis Rox
      Travis Rox
      I totally just remembered that I'm a fan on Facebook :D

      Anyways, give Buckwheat hugs for me :wink:
    8. luvmyride
      I really hope you get them up in time! Hurry hurry shipping company!
    9. ACCphotography
      I would love to do 2011 and had already told hubby that the only way I would breed in 2011 was to Buckwheat. However our life situation will have to be just perfect for that to happen. That and Lace's ear will be a big determining factor (if it's going to need treatment after the foal we won't be able to breed back). Man I am sooo looking forward to 2011!!
    10. endurgirl
      Hi! :) How are things your way? Planning on doing much showing?
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    Sun Colors Ranch specializes in breeding true all-around performance American Quarter Horses. We stand SBR Formula One - AQHA, ABRA, IBHA Buckskin Dun stallion, ABRA World Champion and multiple Res. World Champion.

    In addition we also breed Weimaraners. Champion lines that prove to be great field dogs as well as wonderful companions.
    Breed performance all-around Quarter Horses with the added apeal of dun and buckskin color.


    Sun Colors Ranch LLC
    home of SBR Formula One "Buckwheat"
    The Ultimate All-Around Stallion!
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