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May 23, 2017
Aug 9, 2006
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May 23, 2017
    1. angie j
      angie j
      I read this title in the Activity Stream and nearly had a heart attack.....

      "having a hard time dealing with the loss of Stormy"..(my cut and paste didn't work)

      Glad it was just someones horses....whew!
    2. angie j
    3. manesntails
      Your pm capacity is full.
    4. miss machine
      miss machine
      Welp, I'm not sure what post it was. My memory is.. fuzzy.. to say the least. I am sure it was something very random. But I do remember it was kind and I remembered you doing a lot for the less than fortunate horses out there. Sorry that doesn't really give you any idea on what was said. Just one of those moments where you remember something out of the blue that you haven't remembered in a loooong time. That little light bulb. :) Sorry to hear the board isn't quite what you are looking for. I come in and out. And yes, I was also shocked to see that I joined 5 or 6 years ago. Everything has flown by! Anyway, just wanted to send a positive thought your way. Hope you're well and that you are settling in to your new place!
    5. miss machine
      miss machine
      Hi Stormyheart! I was looking at my first post from 6 years ago and saw you left a comment. I remember you did such kind things for horses. Just thought I'd let you know of that memory, hope you're well. :)
    6. angie j
      angie j
      Glad to hear all the good news.
      I've had Dex under saddle pretty consistently and he's going well.
      Spring/Summer on the farm is in full force and it's 'go', go go'! There never seems to be an end to the 'to do' list. We got our first baby calf last week thanks to Farmeress' bull and he's a beauty!
      I'm hoping for some rain in our dry Ontario soon or hay will be sky high and I'll be selling a few horses myself.

      Nice to hear from you.
    7. angie j
      angie j
      You've been quiet for quite some time. Shoot me a PM and let me know how things are going.
    8. WildHorseSpirit
      :cool: Hi anything new on your stolen horse case? You should have found something out by now.
    9. feealicious
      STORMY! I love reading up on you and your debates! Your a great member...happy holidays!
    10. SASSY1202
      Thank you for the advice I greatly appericate it and so does Pip;)
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    Somewhere peaceful
    Professional Dog Groomer
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    too dang gone many!
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    all of them!
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    There's nothing else on this earth that compares to the horse! If I was to win the lottery...every dime of it would go to rescue and take care of more horses!!! Their eyes can hyptnotize me and mesmerize me. I can be feeling down and all I have to do is go see my horses!
    My passion is saving animals, especially horses

    Horseback riding, reading about ghosts, and watching a good horse movie


    I am 100% ANTI slaughter of our horses!!! And, PROUD of it. I fight to preserve life, not destroy it needlessly.
    Not every living being on this earth exists to pay homage to or serve as indentured servants to humans!
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