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Dec 2, 2014
    1. Emma lvs tilly
      Emma lvs tilly
      Hi Sarah,
      How are you and your horses? I have not been around for a while nut had to come and share my news with Flynn i have wrote a thread for it.
    2. PiaffePony0412
      love the new pics of you and Indi!!! :)
    3. PiaffePony0412
      It does make sense- but again, my argument was not that this pair did not represent 'perfection'- my argument is that this pair does not represent correctness at a very basic level. It has nothing to do with being an excellent rider or not- it has to do with the fact that correctness is NOT the prevailing philosophy when it comes to riding as of current.

      Do not sell yourself short- when I watch that video I see a rider with a very nice seat who is well balanced and an exceptionally moving horse- that is all.
      My effort was not to patronize Uta or her riding- my effort was to show that if we were to study correct horsemanship (which, as I have stated has a very set standard based upon facts/science as opposed to opinion)- we would not see a connection between that and this video.
    4. sarahhowen
      Going on Saturday morning although may try and move it forward to Friday afternoon if the seller can manage it,as like you say at that price he is not going to be around for long, although I do think the loss of vision in one eye is going to put some people off.

      The current owners apparently brought him in Sept last year for £2500 without knowing about the loss of sight, they did not notice it during the time that they spent with him before buying him, When Tilly gets an infection in the eye how do you deal with it, is it a veterinary job or do you just keep the area, clean and bathed???
    5. Emma lvs tilly
      Emma lvs tilly
      I would definatly give him a try, at that price you cant go far wrong. Look at him hes beautiful. Sounds genuine to me.
      Does not look like his eye effects his schooling to me!
      Have you been to see him and ride him yet?
      Emma x
    6. sarahhowen
      No showing yet, we took her to the BEF Futerities last year and she was amazing so we gave her a break - going to start getting her ready for the summer show seasons shortly.

      Have you any planned for Flynn?
    7. Emma lvs tilly
      Emma lvs tilly
      Hi Sarah,
      I am good thanks. How about you?
      Glad to here varla good even if she is going through a naughty spell! Flynn doing the same though hes been so quiet and now hes coming out of his shell, Cheeky! Loves to nip your legs.
      Hes still only 13.1hh he has not grown at all for the last 6 month so something got to happen this spring, saying that though hes so long he sharing rugs with Tilly now!
      You showing her this year or done any so far?
      Emma x
    8. kaboom
      thank you for the good advice I did this as soon as he started acting naughty and it worked he isn't to happy about it :) he will get over it and I'm realy looking forwar to when he gets gelded I'm shure he won't like that either but its his privialige he lost and the post on egg breaking is sooo true iv had to do it and it worked :)
    9. sarahhowen
      I had heard that it does, but personally I haven't tried it - I woud certainly give it a go though
    10. rackingrebel
      your post on how to stop a rear, the egg does work go read my post , a bread bag with warm water works too......
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