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instructor for a veterinary technology program

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Feb 10, 2019 at 10:32 AM
    1. Lopin Slow
      Lopin Slow
      I understand that you work as a Vet Tech and I would love to ask you a few questions if you don't mind. I am a Senior in high school this year and up until this point I had thought I wanted to major in Horse Production and Management. However, as of late I have been looking into Vet Tech programs. I think I would absolutely LOVE the job, but I do have a few concerns as well as questions. I would be very grateful if you would be willing to assist me, but I do understand that life can be busy and you may not have the time.

      Thank you in advance,
    2. pitchblackdam38
      thats ok, even though we fought to the death, we have all been private messaging with cheer :)
    3. pitchblackdam38
      we got it all settled, either way!
    4. pitchblackdam38
      Hey Ryle, could you help with another thread. Theirs kind of a bashing scrimmage going on at 'Roarers' in the health section! We need someone with back bone and who people won't back talk (you being a good candidate) but respect! to give there knowledge and put things straight! If you can't, won't or don't want to get into it I understand, but I'm hoping a person in the vet world/industry could give some light to the real deal! The thread owner has already stated that they aren't getting the horse, but the thread has a lot of good info on it and some bad stuff, and It could be really educational if someone could trop a line into the fish pond!
    5. ghost horse
      ghost horse
      I will let you know the name of the disease,
    6. ghost horse
      ghost horse
      Well It is not good. The pony is going down hill fast. She is going to be put to sleep asap. Thank you for your input. You were a big help. It is just there is no saving her
    7. ghost horse
      ghost horse
      the pony has at the most 3 months, This is fast moving/ I think she will have to be put to sleep within the next week:(
      I will let you know
    8. ghost horse
      ghost horse
      Hey, I need your input, My friends pony who is about 27 was diagnosed with neurological disease :( Our vet said she will most likley have to be put down.WE are waiting blood work results, For now he said she needs a high fat low calorie diet with high dose of vit E. She is to get almost no hay can have small flake of alfalfa,added oil.Searching the internet for diets is driving me crazy, Thanks Mary
    9. docNzeus
      Thank you for advising me on booster shots on my green horse Doc. It sounds like you know the best rout and the details are easy to go by. Ill keep all in mind.
    10. walktrotcanter
      Hi Cindy! I just wanted to ask if worming twice yearly with ivermectin/praziquantel or moxidectin/praziquantel combinations is "good enough" for a worming schedule? (I just read your post in one of the worming threads).
      I assume that would be once every six months with one combo and then the other? I have always been told that bi-monthly rotation is best. If I can get away with worming 2x yearly, that would be amazing! I'm interested to hear your response (so is my wallet! ;))

      Thank you!
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