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Feb 19, 2019 at 9:18 PM
    1. Chester
      I forgot, I am so happy Chick is so confident about his work and ability. She is hoping to take him to medium level by the end of next year. Think that is 3rd level?

      She is working on walk piroutte with him, some flying changes, traver and just general laterals. Walk to canter, canter to walk.
    2. Chester
      She is entering in the unofficial class. You do normally have to qualify for championships but it is the club to the north of us and since entries can be hard to get they keep classes open. If she was doing official classes she would probably need to qualify.

      Yes, i will let you know how they go.
    3. Chester
      She has a few positional faults though to be fair we do not have any flat ground. none. it is all on a hill.

      She is taking him out to compete this weekend. First time out at prelim level. He hasn't been out for years so she is taking him to the championships. :rofl:
    4. Chester
    5. Chester
    6. Chester
      You seen the latest pics daughter put up on her facebook page?
    7. AvidEquestrian
      Says your inbox is full! So Im posting the message here

      Hola! I am in LOVE with the ones you make. My poor mare has just been bothered so much by them this season. She gets very hot when we ride, and its very humid here, so I really like the idea of mesh rather than the cotton. I feel like this will breathe much better for her.

      My 'colors' are black/white/grey and pink is always a nice accent color. Im thinking the 'U' shape with hot pink cord first, white second, and black trim.

      Also, what are you shipping prices to the US? I live outside of St Louis, zip code 63368.


    8. Chester
      it is basic. walk, trot canter. straight lines. circles. nothing more. no collection.
    9. Chester
      What do you give for their chances at prelim?
    10. Chester
      She hasn't been riding a lot. Needs work. Her position has gone downhill.
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