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Mar 18, 2019 at 8:52 PM
Feb 23, 2007
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Rhythm 'n Blues

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Mar 18, 2019 at 8:52 PM
    1. Chester
    2. mkoktavy
      Hey, I'm not sure how to PM on here anymore, site has changed since I was last on here a few years back!
      the two I looked at on Sat were from Empathy Jumpers in Port Colborne. I really liked the colt, filly had crooked legs. Colt is getting vet checked this week when they get back to me. Do you know of this farm?
      1. Rhythm 'n Blues
        Rhythm 'n Blues
        It's not the horse or farm I was thinking it was. Nope don't know this place! Glad you dous something :)
        Sep 14, 2015
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    3. angie j
      angie j
      peek at my facebook post
    4. Chester
    5. angie j
      angie j
      You may just get your wish. Mods are cleaning up the 'string test' thread. Good luck! I may even try with Dex. Not Moe though. She leans on the bit...lol
    6. LifeIsGrand
      Fixed!! Sorry about that
    7. Nona
      I hadn't seen, no! I haven't been on very much... just stop in and glance at the front page and then wander off again :blushing:
      But I just read the thread now and congratulations!! :cheerleader:You two deserved it soooo much! And I hope things work out with Fif..

      And yeah, it's such a weight off my shoulders now that I know he'll at least be worked again... it's not perfect but nothing ever is :willynilly: Just wish I could carve out time to ride my darn horse! I'm crossing my fingers that the two of them figure each other out this week... she rode him once before we moved him today just to see how they got along and he wasn't offended by her, but he's 100% not an easy ride and he was definitely very fussy in the head and neck for her (shocking). But her personal horse works very nicely compared to the competition in the area (3rdish) so at least I have some reasonable evidence that she has an idea of correctness.
    8. Nona
      Busy! Back in college and trying to juggle schoolwork, research, clubs, horsey type stuff, AND doctor's appointments. :faint:
      Aiden was in training until September, and then that guy went back down to Florida for the hunter circuit... so now I'm putting him in with a girl I used to ride with a while ago, because not one decent barn near the university has spaces open :willynilly:

      But the few times I hopped on him in the interim he went amazingly, so I'm hopeful that when things work out we'll be net positive with this whole thing... How have you + ponies been? I saw you're buying Fifa! Congrats!
    9. Chester
      you do know where dizzy went to don't you?

      I might get some pics. I may even post them :rofl:
    10. Chester
      Do you just?

      No holding out, just not bothered with posting much these days. :p
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