Oct 22, 2009
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    1. Roleysnewmom
      which saddle on ebay has the broken tree? I'm not going to bid on it, just curious to see it. I;ve already got a broken enough saddle on my hands. lol
    2. PiaffePony0412
      you're.... alive!!!!! ;)
    3. ilovemyhorsepep
    4. ilovemyhorsepep
      wer u located r u in az. cuz i am .. do u bord there that place is soo beautiful!!! wer is it at??? (:
    5. ilovemyhorsepep
      OMG r u in az. cuz i am and ur place is soo beautiful wer ur horse is do u board there or what????
    6. farmeress
      I enjoyed it....thank you.

      By the way...my horses do not go "bear" foot...lol....those grizzly slippers fall off to easily.

      They go "bare" foot...mu spellin is off....lol.
    7. farmeress
      We are close to the shield...and some courses are just grass covered rock...which unlike pavement...have little give...and this an example of terrain I would go bear foot.

      Your studs will cause you to slip on rocky/shield terrain.

      Deep sand is another one where studs are not always a good thing and can cause more damage than good.

      Sometimes though...like Copper....there are horses who just do not want to do boots to a point it affects their form.....Big Ben (Ian Miller) was like that...he rarely wore boots until he was world cup level.
    8. farmeress
      I can go barefoot at 3'9" if the terrain allows it.

      I use studs as the ground dictates or enviromental affect on footing....but even then...it would depend on the horse and height.

      I have green horses to GP horses as well as Dressage horses that are Coppers offspring...Copper will be in the Event ring next year to acheive his bronze premium there to add to his Jumper one and his Dressage one pending the paperwork submitted.

      I sold my two other horses last year which now makes Copper The horse with most the training that I ride.

      FYI....Greenies who wear studs when schooling cavellettis/fences....wear boots...even if they are exceptionally sure footed.
    9. farmeress
      Again...it would depend on the horse and their ability to know where their feet/legs are at all times.

      A horse like Gandolfe/Duallman would find this course easy and not need boots....but a horselike Mya would definately need them for training.
    10. farmeress
      Cooper has one little idiocincracy....boots...he does not jump with them on....and this course does not warrant them as it was 3'9"...not really high for Copper (not a brag...statement of fact).

      In any GP class of 4'6" and over...you will see he is booted ...as he is when he schools any advance x-country fences.
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