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Dec 31, 2012
    1. Bella
      Hun I really need you to check your PM's, please.
    2. Sooner or Later
      Sooner or Later
      Lady, are you okay? I see you were on a few days ago. We're kinda worried. Even a secret sign that you're hanging in there!
    3. Maisie
      Possum, we're getting worried & missing you, please post that you're OK ?
    4. xx-crissy-xx
      Inbox is full. :)
    5. Chester
      What a shame it is nearly my bed time and I will be off the internet soon. I am avoiding headaches that are not rum induced. :o
    6. Chester
    7. Fancy That
      Fancy That
      Hi PT - I agree......we always seem to have the same POV and it's too bad we didn't live closer. With having our own ranch, I have less horse-buddies to actually do things and ride with (compared to boarding/training stables where there were always tons of people around)

      My best-friend and best-horse-buddy is my sister, who is only 15 months younger than me. But she is preggers so has stopped riding completely - and I keep her horse as if it is my own. She probably will never be as active in riding as she was before baby.

      In fact I'm doing a clinic this weekend by myself w/ no horse buddies! Took Fancy yesterday and today I'm taking Fancy and Nikki (my sisters' horse) and will ride both of them. If I had another horse buddy - I'd say - come to the clinic and ride Nikki for free :)

      Anyhoo - thanks for the very sweet note! I'd hang out w/ you IRL too if you were closer!

    8. Chester
      You owe me. Making me type out the recipe. There are no measurements though. You need to make up your own. :p
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