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Dec 3, 2016
    1. Rhythm 'n Blues
      Rhythm 'n Blues
      It's on my list for 2015...........but nothing decided yet. I won't know till I get my Budget in the fall. :)
    2. Rhythm 'n Blues
      Rhythm 'n Blues
      Just finished posting :)
    3. Rhythm 'n Blues
      Rhythm 'n Blues
      I saw it ;) Need to wait till "my lunch" before I can have time to sit down & really look :)
    4. Allkian
      Hey peonyckw! Things are going really well, actually! :) I now trim all 4 of my horses. At first I thought I was going to DIE I was so sore. Then I bought my Hoof Jack and wow, so much better. I bought the Nordic Forge Viking race nippers. They're 14" and have a narrower blade. They weren't too expensive- I want to say in the $80-90 range. However, I found I much prefer to use just a rasp and trim more frequently. The nippers are nice to get things done quickly, but I can see a LOT more of what I'm doing by just using a decent quality rasp and hoof knife. :) Glad to hear things are going well for you! I was actually able to fix a heel imbalance in my 5 year old gelding that STARTED this whole farrier search mess. I am pretty proud of myself. He now strides out SO much more comfortably.
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