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Mar 3, 2016
Oct 3, 2005
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Mar 3, 2016
    1. aBreeze
      Love it - Ken's trained in. 800 parts off of classic cars? That's actually pretty interesting, and a ton of ebay! I bet theres a heck of a lot more money in that, than horses as well. Am I right?
    2. aBreeze
      Hey there! I look around pretty often, but rarely post. Its nice to get some HGS detox every now and then, which Im sure you're very aware of.

      I drive by your place every so often - friend lives in Arlington. How have things been going for you, busy with horses still?
    3. Faithfully_Lost
      No worries :) I just figured adding others from the MN Riders group will help with some networking
    4. Fox Glove
      Fox Glove
      I hope you caught that CHAMING missive..... Some people need to keep up on their meds..
    5. Peg D
      Peg D
      All is well my friend..... but I came to see Shelly today. We have a mutual friend that has alerted me through facebook that Shelly is having some sort of trouble. This gal (Shelly) is the most caring person I know that has anything to do with animals and it breaks my heart if someone deliberately is hurting her. :(
    6. Dusty1979
      For some reason I thought about you today and just wanted to stop by and say "Hi, how ya doin?" LOL Hope all is well in Peg D land. :) Pat
    7. Peg D
      Peg D
      LOL yes you did catch me. Posting in the adult section. Need a little help now and then so I seek out my wise HGS friends.
      How goes it with you?
    8. NorthernDust
      *Caught you*! How's it going?
    9. tbtrainer
      I was thinking about you today! Glad to see you didnt poof... I know life gets busy!
    10. Peg D
      Peg D
      Type in my full name peg ...... and I should come up.
      I will go look for you too. TOO cool. Now you need to start a farm!!
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