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Jun 29, 2016
Nov 8, 2010
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farrier, hoof trimmer and hoofcare educator

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Patty Stiller

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Jun 29, 2016
    1. LoveHollywood19
      Hi :) I hope you don't mind, but I was wondering If you could take a look at my horse's hooves on my Critique trimming/shoeing thread when you have some time? Someone has recommended your opinion to me. Would really appreciate It. Thank you!
    2. Ridin
      I had someone recommend your opinion to me. I would really appreciate your opinion on my hoof critique thread along with what exactly is wrong with them and how it affects her when you get time, thank you!
    3. AKBarbWire
      Would you take a look at my horses feet? I am not sure if you charge for this service?

    4. Mirage
      Thank you so much. I'm also going to look into the info on the ELPO site.
      Thanks again.
    5. Patty Stiller
      Patty Stiller
      I met Marjorie a long time ago and am famiiiar with her website. As well I have met Heike Bean ans seen her horses in person quite a long time ago and she is a also a very skilled barefoot practitioner in her own right and one of the references in Marjorie's site.
      Both ladies are knowledgeable and understands the hoof quite well. Much of what Marjorie she teaches is generally similar to the guidelines from the ELPO and Natural Balance guidelines and I have no issues whatsoever with using her guidelines. As you have seen, your horse's hooves are improving and the horses is showing you that what you are doing is in the right direction. Good for you for continuing to learn and help your horse. Regards. Patty
    6. Mirage
      Hi Patty,
      I have been trimming my own horses feet for almost 5 years. I use to shoe them until I got a nail run through my thumb from the horse jerking is foot. Not wanting to shoe and having a horse with bad flares that seemed to be getting worse made me do some research on different trimming techniques. I found this website the most helpful.

      I read the information several times and really thought it over before trying it. The horse with bad flares has almost no flares now and both of my girls are completely sound.

      What is your opinion on this trimming? Is it good? Thanks.
    7. mygirl1197
      Hi Patty,

      You are definitely one of the hoof experts on this forum whose opinions and input I love to read. I'm not sure if you remember my mare with all the threads you comment on, but she is the one with the shoe and rim pad on her hind right foot. I have really been considering learning how to trim my horses on my own, but with my mare needing a lift on the one hind foot, it has really kept me feeling trapped.

      I posted a thread, and I hoped that you would see it and respond, but unfortunately no one responded. If I take over my horses feet, I will have to find a solution for my mares need of a lift, and that is mostly what I wanted to know.

      I am so stressed and frustrated with the constant worry about my horses hooves.

      I would really appreciate it if you would take a look at it and let me know what you think about my questions.
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    farrier, hoof trimmer and hoofcare educator
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    paint, TWH
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    Rehabbing two wonderful horses who just needed a little understanding.
    Certified lameness specialist and educator with the Equine Lameness Prevention organization,

    no time for anything except hoofcare and my horses.


    Patty Stiller CNBBT,CNBF,CLS,CE
    Retired Certified lameness specialist with the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization, former staff farrier for University of California Davis Veterinary teaching Hospital, Retired farrier science instructor.
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