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Nov 12, 2015
Jun 5, 2009
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I own and manage a horse boarding facility in rura

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Nov 12, 2015
    1. ChestersMomma
      Oh my goodness I'm sorry! Lol... meant to send that to a member with a similar name to yours. Sorry about that!
    2. OnlyUntilDark
      Recieved the showmanship outfit today.. I LOVE IT! Fits me like it was custom made!! Thank you sooooooo much!!!
    3. Equustrian
      Recieved breeches today!
      Even better than description!

      Thanks! :)
    4. cornhuskergirl
      How much for shipping to 68510? And is $200 as low as you will go for the saddle ...
    5. palogal
      Thanks for the Rep comment :)
    6. WilsonF
      You too! I didnt show much this year. My husband was away all year, so i am hoping i can get back in the loop of things this season.
    7. WilsonF
      lol. i know how you feel.
    8. k_adams30
      Yep they are..the first horses I ever started to learn on both were Tennessee Walkers & i just fell in love with the breed sooo my first horse of my own just HAD to be a Walker!! :) he's only a year old right now, but he already is a high stepper when he trots or runs so i don't think it'll be too hard once he's broke to get him to rack. when i look at him from straight on or from the side, you can see how his high stepping is just the natural thing tennessee walkers do..sooo like i said, i'm thinking he'll be a piece of cake to get him to really bring those legs high when he's broke! :) i'm SO excited for next year to come because like i said, that boy is my baby..the loooove of my life. haha :) but yes, tennessee walkers are so nice to ride..so smooth & just ah, i love the breed!!!! :) if i had enough money, all my horses that i bought woulda been Walkers instead of just my first lol..but it works out since the walker is mine, the mini is mine, the percheron/quarter turned into being my step dads, and the new quarter horse will be my moms once she has her baby. SO i guess i still do only have a walker :P.. but anyways that got to be a long ramble!!! sorry about that.

      someday i think i will give a mare a try, but i won't be getting anymore horses until something happens to one of these 4 which i hope wont be for a very very very long time..but maybe someday i'll try for a mare tennessee walker. haha :)
    9. k_adams30
      i know, right? some people shouldn't be allowed to have animals. i don't even understand how people can do those things to animals & think it's ok.

      aww i'm glad you have such an amazing girl! my step dad won't let me get a mare.. he dislikes the mood swings & all that. so we have all geldings here. i have a 1 year old Tennessee Walker, a 6 year old miniature, and my new one i just bought this weekend is a 12 year old Quarter...then my step dad's is the percheron/quarter. Once my Walker is ready to go, the new horse will end up being my mom's, but she's pregnant right now so that's why he isn't right now! lol..i rode him last night & he is really what i need. the woman who i'll be getting lessons from on him said we're a good match. :) but noooo matter what, my tennessee walker will always be my #1..i swear that boy is the love of my life lol
    10. k_adams30
      thank you! :) that's what we were told this horse (percheron/quarter) was ridden in for so long & what he's used to.. but after looking in his mouth about a week ago, we see why. this horse was severly abused in more ways than just one. one of them being his tongue has this HUGE cut across it..so somebody obviously wasn't too friendly with the bit. so that's probably why he ended up "being used to a hackamore". I could go on & on with ways that horse was abused...can't stand people who do that!!! but thank you SO much! what kind of horse is your mare? :)
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    I own and manage a horse boarding facility in rura
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    1 QH, 1 appy, 1 Oldenburg
    I'm a stay at home mom with 2 online businesses. I have a serious obsession with animals, mainly horses

    Anything horse related, sewing, and.....that's about it at the moment!
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