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Sep 28, 2012
Sep 7, 2006
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Oct 9, 1986 (Age: 30)
Near Harrisburg, PA
Program Coordinator for an ignition interlock prog

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Senior Member+, 30, from Near Harrisburg, PA

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Sep 28, 2012
    1. ChestersMomma
      Happy Birthday :)
    2. Rant
      I don't boycott anything except animal abuse. I don't eat fast food so I won't eat at Chick, we don't even have a Cracker Barrel anywhere close to me so I don't go there either. I probably have an un-popular view point on many of the gay people out there but I just do not in any way let anything get me worked up. I'm all for equal rights, we're all humans and no one should be discriminated against for who they love or what color they are but that's life.
    3. Rant
      I work at Walmart because I don't have a choice and I buy from them as infrequently as possible. I shop at a smaller local store and a farmers market for produce and vegs. I go to an Amish meat locker for meat of any kind.

      It pays the bills. It's just a job. People hate gays. People hate Walmart. People are anti Walmart, people are anti gay. It just happens. I don't let any of it bother me. It all just amuses me to be honest. I don't take anything seriously I don't let anything affect me past a lol, it's the internet or lol it's life. I live in a small rural town in Southern Indiana. I'd be hard pressed to find a job at all that pays okay (sorta) and provided halfway decent (sorta) insurance. To me, Walmart being anti gay is only the TIP of the iceberg in their long tail of screwed up business paths they take. It's also the least amount of what's wrong with the company.
    4. Caterina
    5. Roleysnewmom
      I'm glad someone liked my snarky comment. lol ..what's this world coming to when people lose their s*** over not being able to charge their bloody techo-**** whilst on an airplane ride to tropical destination?! Whaaaaaa. ;)
    6. Fancipants
      Reading your wall here I feel like I missed out on quite an entertaining argument.
    7. Harley2
      Honestly, if those people think they are doing the OP any favors "she is rightfully yours" crud... so what??? I am about done, unless someone takes another unnecessary low blow at me...I am being told I am unnecessarily rude & combative? REALLY??? I thought I was trying really hard to be gentle... so much for that.
    8. Harley2
      Now I am getting my first ever red reps in all my years here!!!! LMAO...wth!!!
    9. Harley2
      I know! Are people that stupid? I really think this is a new low... I am absolutely appalled...
    10. Harley2
      I tried to give you rep but it says I need to spread some around LMAO!!! I havent posted in weeks, how have I loaded you up??? I really do not care what that lady does now...I was just trying to help, people are a$$hats, hopefully she will get the mare and everything will go happily ever after...(in some alternate universe)
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    Oct 9, 1986 (Age: 30)
    Near Harrisburg, PA
    Program Coordinator for an ignition interlock prog
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    American Warmblood
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    I have dabbled in many aspects of the horse world. I Pony Clubbed, did a little cross country, pleasure, hunters, and maybe one or two dressage and jumper rides. I helped break ponies coming from New Holland in exchange for board. I went cubbing once on the invitation of a friend, and had a blast. I have even driven. My western experience is limited to trail riding.

    Now I have a lovely mare with the neatest personality- I can't wait to see where she goes!

    I would love to see my friends on FaceBook, too! Please send a PM for my last name, and include your HGS user name in the friend request.
    My name is Angelina- I was born in '86 (I'm 23 writing this) and live in Central PA with my weimaraner Lucci, my boyfriend (the Ranger), and have one on the way.

    My non-horsie interests often surround music. I have vast taste ranging from country to heavy metal, alternative, and rock. I love attending shows in both small and large venues. I also knit, read anything I can get my hands on, and like to walk.


    Yahoo! Messenger:


    <3 Evelyn Ada <3
    RU Aurora, 2008 AWS red roan mare (leased by HGS member)

    Fat adult rerider struggling to become more fit... sometimes!
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