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Oct 31, 2006
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Dec 17, 1955 (Age: 61)
Work at WP training barn

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Senior Member, 61, from NW MO

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    1. Jennie'sPassion
      Hey lady...I saw what you posted on the latest drama making thread. I agree and "like". I also reported it for the reasons I stated and you did. How sad...
    2. Horse Goddess
      Horse Goddess
      Thanks! I read your post about the horse backing away, my horse kept moving while I mounted. I couldn't see why, then I listened and saw I was jagging with my toe. I fixed the problem. :)
    3. MyBelgianAzzy

      I don't have any words of comfort for you, because I can't even imagine the tremendous pain you must feel. I can't wrap my mind around it. But I strongly feel you are a woman put here by God to help people. I don't know how you'll make your greatest impact or when, and I don't think it justifies what you're going through, but you are a powerful speaker and unafraid of the politically correct opinion in favor of the truth. I think you are meant to save families. You may have even saved mine. You might not be cuddly, or a stand up comedian, but you're something much more important- you're an angel to those of us still here on Earth.
    4. belle4
      Apparently your pm box is full. A member contacted me to contact you. Just wanted to let you know. Hope all is well.
    5. Riosdad
      It was touching meljean. I know I upset alot of people and to come on this morning and find 24 likes and a pm was touching.
      Thank you also for the like
    6. Riosdad
      Thank you meljean. That was very nice of you
    7. Jennie'sPassion
      Thank you for the ideas Mel and the support. It is worth a to find something I can pull apart. LOL I know the squishy ball isn't working. I got a stress ball to squeeze actually makes it worse. Only I could get stressed by the stress ball. Geez!
    8. Chester
    9. feealicious
      stopping by your page to say hi!
    10. Jenje!
      It's been a long time since I did it, Mel, and I'm on the way out the door... but when I get some down time I'll type up a step-by and PM it to you. :)
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    Dec 17, 1955 (Age: 61)
    NW MO
    Work at WP training barn
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    QH gelding, and AQHA/APHA double registered
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    Grew up around Saddlebreds, have ridden since was sitting up baby. Worked as master saddlebred show horse groom, trail ride guide, riding instructor, cutting horse/cattle operation, reining horses, and Thoroughbred mare/foal farm, and other ordinary jobs.

    I grew up riding saddleseat, but ride Western now. Trail ride and use the boys as pink flamingos, (yard ornaments)

    I could have taught a cow to rack, I just never found the right cow. Dale Pugh

    In a battle of strength with a horse, you are always going to lose. Wyman E. Bennett

    You can always escalate a situation if you need to, but you cannot de-escalate it. Wyman E. Bennett
    From S Alabama to N Missouri, heat to cold, who says I'm normal????

    books, crafts, cooking, animals, sewing,


    "If you listen to the horse, the horse will tell you what it wants to be." Dale Pugh
    "You can undo in five seconds, the training it took you five years to accomplish." Wyman E. Bennett
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