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al hazard

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Aug 6, 2017
    1. Meri
      I learned how to use the multi-quote from the master! :)
    2. Chester
      copied the recipe into the yummy thread for you
    3. Silver Georgia
      Silver Georgia
      :rofl: sometimes I forget there are different time zones all together!! :rofl:
    4. Silver Georgia
      Silver Georgia
      *dies* That's crazy. I didn't think our time was THAT far off!!
    5. Silver Georgia
      Silver Georgia
      What time is it there?? I'm so time conversion illiterate :p
    6. Silver Georgia
      Silver Georgia
      *gasp* we're on at the same time!! :rofl: I was gonna take a nap, but time snuck up on me :rolleyez: It's 2 here and it's pretty much pointless to take a nap after 2 if you want to sleep at night :rolleyez:
    7. Silver Georgia
      Silver Georgia
      I saw that you were the last person to post on one of the newer threads and I thought "OOhh!! Look!! I caught her!! Finally!!" But I didn't :(

      I wish we were on a closer time schedule, When I wake up in the morning, it's still WAYY early out there and our work time overlaps a good bit but you're still at work when I'm winding down, and eating supper. and when it's midnight here, it's like 8 there so I always miss you when you're on :bawling"
    8. Riosdad
      Thank you Magoo320mj. The picture is of Strider/chestnut baby sitting another horse at the show. Strider is ground tied with his rein over a chair and the white is tied to his saddle. They remained like that for about 3 hours.
      Again thank you for the like
    9. angie j
      angie j
      thread killers club.....
    10. snowhitsleepy
      and the sun will be shining tomorrow i cant wait....we can start riding soon!!!!
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    Bonanza, OR
    al hazard
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    2 (well...and a half. :P)
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    Paint/Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred
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    Ben is my main guy. He'd only ever been a cow pony, but we've added Drill Pony, Parade Pony, Trail Pony, Rodeo Pony, babysitter, and best friend to his repertoire! :D He loves people. He will eat ANYTHING if he sees me eat it first! He does anything I ask of him, and is always (well...mostly...;)) sweet and willing. I wasn't looking for a horse when I got him, but I'm thankful every day that I found him! <3

    Diesel is the newest additon. I hope to use him for cow work, reining, gaming, and as a backup for Drill. He's young, but has a great mind and a lot of potential! :D

    "My" other horse, Critter, is technically my hubby's, but I mess with him the most. He's semi-retired, but still gets out for lovin' and gentle riding. :)
    Married with three in a tiny town in southern Oregon. Likes: reading, horseback riding, fishing, hiking, swimming, camping - pretty much anything outdoors.
    Dislikes: spiders, wintergreen, and rude people.


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