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North Dakota
training horses, web design/marketing, photography

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Jun 20, 2018 at 3:56 PM
    1. DragonFyre8
      Actually I just figured it At least until the next time I try to send a message and forget where to go on here... :rofl:
    2. DragonFyre8
      Ha ha! Oh lordy...yes, I was sending to worthashotfarm...good grief! So sorry... I am not on this site too much and forget how to do things correctly... Thanks for the info on messaging... If you don't mind my asking, how do we do a true PM on here? I wasn't worried about this message but for future reference I would love a refresher Thanks so much!
    3. equestsarah81
      Thanks for letting me know! :) But the friend of mine found a mare...
    4. equestsarah81
      Hi, I have a friend in CO looking for a horse (I havent seen her ride in a while but would say she's an intermediate rider at least) and knew you had a few for sale at one point and I have always thought you had some nice horses and had a good eye at picking them out. Could you let me know if you have any up for sale and pics & info so I can pass it on? Thanks! ~ Sarah V. :)
    5. idlewild
      Hey hey :D Whenever you get a chance, I'd love to see some of the photos you took from last weekend!
    6. Fadjurneeka
    7. Ayla Aktan
    8. Meghan_Loomis
      Your gelding Lucky's dam is a granddaughter of What Luck, who is the sire of my gelding's father :) I just looked that up
    9. maggieandduke
      Sweet! thank you ^^
    10. arabpony
      Opps, sorry.... didn't know that!!! :)
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    Home Page:
    North Dakota
    training horses, web design/marketing, photography
    Number of horses:
    Horse breed(s) you own:
    7 TB, 2 Appendix, 2 Iberian Warmblood
    Free Entry:
    Dragon Fly Sport Horses:
    Lucky Krew's: a 2000, 16.2 hh, OTTB gelding
    Dogtoothkid aka Winsome: a 2003, 16.3 hh, OTTB gelding
    Dancer's Draw: a 2006, 17.0 hh, OTTB gelding
    Graceful Victory: a 2003, 16.0 hh, OTTB mare
    Dakota Wrangler: a 2010, 15.1 hh, OTTB mare
    Petals of Glory: a 2012, 15.2 hh, OTTB mare
    Dragon Fly: a 2001, 16.1 hh, 3/4 TB 1/4 QH gelding
    Strawbug: a 2000, 16.1 hh, Appendix gelding
    Mister Chaval Krews: a 2012, 15.3 hh, Iberian Warmblood gelding
    Kefirs Sovereign Victoire: a 2014, 16.0 hh, Iberian Warmblood gelding
    Daring Reine: a 2016, TB filly
    My name is Katie. I work for a TB ranch in North Dakota (Backhaus & Sons), doing everything from marketing/web design, to training and taking care of young racehorses and broodmares.

    I have 6 of my own horses (Dragon Fly, Lucky Krews, Dogtoothkid, Dancer's Draw, Graceful Victory, and Kefirs Sovereign Victoire). Petals of Glory, Strawbug, and Mister Chaval Krews are my mom's horses. Dakota Wrangler is my sister's. Daring Reine we bred/raised, but will be raced under Backhaus & Sons. When she is done, I'll get her back to retrain as a sport horse.

    My other hobby besides training horses, is photography. I do mostly equine, wildlife, and landscapes.




    "Crazy TB Lady"
    Dragon Fly Sport Horses
    DFSH on FB
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