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    1. Chester
    2. IIIBarsV
      No bay roan, she's light chestnut with a counter-shaded dorsal stripe.

      The McGuinty thing... the premier of Ontario decided to revoke the Slots at Racetracks program which was feeding millions directly into race purses, expansions, breeder benefits, etc... so only a few tracks are allowed to keep them, which means things will go downhill without the money. Breeder operations downsizing, trainers downsizing, etc. They're estimating 60,000 lost jobs. And there are like 20,000 StBs, 12,000 TBs and a few thousand QH's... the StBs are most numerous and benefitted the most from the Slots program, so they're gonna be hit the hardest probably. Some tracks are closing down for good.
    3. Appylvr
      I was just reading through your pregnancy thread and wanted to say if it were me and I was boarding my horse somewhere and another boarders horse got mine pregnant... I would be telling the other boarder that they WILL be paying my vet bills for the entire pregnancy since they think it's so cool to have a stud.

      I would be talking to the barn owner and telling her that she'll be keeping my horse there for free while it's unusable since it wasn't in my plans to breed and if not for her faulty fencing it wouldn't have happened. I bet that'll make her think twice about keeping stallions around.

      I can guarantee that once you do this and it starts hurting these people's pocketbooks... the stud owner will think twice about having a stallion around just so he can brag about "a stud riding a stud" (which sounds icky... you should mention to this guy that sounds a bit like he's hitting for the wrong team if you get my drift?). I'll bet those studs get gelded pretty fast after that.
    4. cathrynxox
      Hey! If you ever have any questions or anything feel free to PM me (:
    5. aeternal
      I hope that you read my advice. Maybe save it somewhere that you can look at if another thread blows up. I also hope that you stick around and ask for advice on what to do next with your horse situation.
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    From a lil town in Illinois. i have afew horses and a ppl baby

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