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Nov 19, 2018
    1. Rhythm 'n Blues
      Rhythm 'n Blues
      Here's the reply to your pm :)


      I actually don't travel to teach clinics......I travel for work (equine tradeshows) and when I'm in an area where someone wants a lesson then I do my best to accommodate that. It really only happens when I'm in PA & See Kaitlyn & Meri it seems. lol

      As for right now, I don't have any plans to be headed to Texas at all for work, so unfortunately that will be a tricky one to accommodate :(

      If something should change I'll be sure to let you know though! :)
    2. Rhythm 'n Blues
      Rhythm 'n Blues
      You're inbox is full.......I can't reply! ;)
    3. Chester
      Are you stalking me? :rofl:
    4. BuddyBoyOTTB
      It's okay about the rep comment, I guess I just wasn't clear enough about it :) Another nice member gave me my green back with a good comment! Not your fault at all, so no need to say sorry!
    5. fire of indy
      fire of indy
      hmm I can prove every word is true that I say and calling me a liar just really doesn't sit well.
    6. Arem
      Glad you weren't mad! I went : :eek: when I saw it was actually a red instead of a green. I felt so bad!
      Arem had a dummy moment.:o:o:o

      I PM'ed the mods about it. They don't have access to the rep area right now, but hopefully they will be able to change it at a later date.
    7. Arem
      Oh crud! I am so sorry that was supoosed to be a green and it malfunctioned.:o please forgive me
    8. angie j
      angie j
      Thank you. I greatly dislike when others pick on those weaker than themselves.
    9. farmeress
      I will but am playing between working so it may be a bit later okay
    10. cafe latte
      cafe latte
      how nice of you to say, thank you so much!!
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    On the moon.
    Artist, currently.
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    Just one.
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    Connemara ish grade
    Who needs a car when you could have a horse?

    Painting, riding the big bay pony, anatomy.


    Originally Posted by ShesGoneCountry
    It all must have something to do with the recent legalization of marijuana.