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Jan 1, 2012
    1. Sable-love
      He has stalls but no one uses them, but you could use them. I've sent him an email. Will let you know what he says... :-)
    2. KimmyChaos
      Awesome, ya if you dont mind asking that would be cool.

      Do they have stalls or is it all pasture ?
    3. Sable-love
      I've heard of Irvine but haven't gone there yet. I heard they have good deals on Billy Cook saddles so will have to check it out at some point.
      Does Calta have long term boarders? Well, let's see.... two of the girls there have been boarding their horses for 20 years! I don't know what Calta charges monthly as I work off some of my board with chores, but I'll ask him about the going rate. He has an arena but it is not heated, so you might not like that. We just had one girl move her horse over to Dragonfly because she found the arena at Calta too cold. So there is room. But I'll get back to you about costs if you're still interested.
    4. Sable-love
      Hi again! Thanks for the link... I will definitely check it out! You're not missing too much at the Horse store in Kensington...... it's super expensive. I've never gone to Greenhawk as I thought it was only for English? I ride western only. I tried to go to the UFA in Airdrie once but they were closed. They seem to keep bankers hours. I board my horse at Calta stables in NE Calgary. I just started riding so I'm kinda new at it. I love my horse ♥ Stay warm! Next weekend is supposed to be nicer <applause>
    5. Sable-love
      Hi! I see you're in Calgary too! How do you like this weather :D My truck started so I'm on my way to the Horse store but who knows? They may find me in a snowdrift when spring arrives haha. Just thought I'd say hi from another Calgarian <wave>
    6. thunderhooves
      Merry Christmas to you too! :)
    7. cantara
      i would like to caution you on your trip to visit John. Coming from experience with him, he will act like the nicest guy around at first. If you know here he is now, please let me now. people in my area, myself included, like to keep a eye on him. and one main word of caution- watch your tack :D
    8. KimmyChaos
      my mother would agree that chaos SHOULD of been my last name or maybe my first :D

      Chaos was just a pet and i'm Kim :D
    9. JumpinIsFreedom
      I was just looking at you're name.. and I always thought chaos was your last name.. Then I realized it was the word Chaos. :D I'm smart.
    10. KimmyChaos
      bahahaha, I know you'll find one for everything I swear !!!! hahaha
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    When I count my blessings, I count my Horse twice :eek:
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