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Dec 12, 2016
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      I did it I gave Justin a kidney so far it is working real well
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      Thought I would stop in and say hi.i hope things are going smoothly for you
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      I bet he is getting to be good rider,he sure is growing fast
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      Thinking about you today ,hoping that you are doing ok.for some reason you popped into my head this morning,I bet your kids are getting so big.the funny thing is they seem to grow up overnight,one day you turn around and they are adults and you wonder how did it go so quickly.
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      I have discovered that the little things can mean alot
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      I keep trying to focus on the positive things in my life even if it hard to do so with all the orther things going on.
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      Yes it is just looking forward to getting him feeling are you doing?feeling any better?
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      Jarred's ct scan came back he needs to see the specialist.deviated septum,bacteria in his sinus cavity and a bone spur.not sure what the plan to fix all that is yet
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      None we are taking things day by day.kateri is also still dealing with health issues as well.oh and because my life wasn't complete Jared needs a ct scan done on his head.somedays I just have to remind myself just to breathe
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      cowgirl up 2
      I am sorry to hear that,I am really close to my mom and watching her get older and more fragile has been hard,the thought of losing her is hard has been stressful here Justin needs a kidney transplant.he is on dialysis now we came close to losing him.sounds as if we could both use things to get better.
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    connemara, irish sport horse
    riding, of course! dog training and grooming
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