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Mar 7, 2012
    1. TB4life
      Ohh! Well then, nice to meet you. :p
    2. TB4life
      Hey! It's good to see you posting again. :)
    3. brandevent
      Hey! Thanks for getting back to me on that, I called Landry and got it all figured out and got me all signed up for the trhee classes I'll be competing in! I'm riding my trainer's chestnut thoroughbred gelding named Kramer, he can be kind of hot (you know tbs) but he's super sweet and an amazing worker! I'll be exhibiting in the 2nd Schooling Hunter o/f 2' and the first Pre Green Working Hunter o/f 2'3 in the large ring and w/t/c equitation in the small hunter ring! Needless to say I'm very excited. and I'll make sure to find you and say hello! happy juding :)
    4. brandevent
      Hey, I saw in a post about SC shows that your going to be one of the judges for one of the shows at Mullet Hall. Is it the one on the 20th? If so, I'll be showing there. I need some help though, I can't seem to locate an entry form anywhere for the hunter or open classes. All I could find was the online entry forms. Could you help me out with this?
    5. AutumnAttic
      I just looked at the "2008 Showing Survey" thread.
      Your horse is my dream horse.
      He's gorgeous.
    6. sc_cowgurl
      Oh ok. Me and met on myspace. We talked on there for about 2 years and then one day he decided to come to one of my horse shows at T. Ed. Garrison Arena. It all started from there. The wedding will either be next ocotober or when I get out of college. Are you asking what I'm wearing at my wedding?
    7. sc_cowgurl
      Where is Gray Court? Yeah I'll deffinately come if I'm not working. Well what would you like to know about him? I miss ya'll too!!
    8. sc_cowgurl
      Yeah I'm engaged now. It's amazing isn't it? Yeah me and my fiance are going to be managing our own little ranch. It's going to be really small but it's a nice place. How have you been? Where is your new trainer located at again?
    9. HUS_WP_lovr
      Yes, I have met both of them.Chelsea goes to my school, she's a grade below me.

      I just showed Bodi and Felix not Happy;)
    10. Dusty1979
      Just thinking about you and thought I would stop by and wish you (maybe a smidgen early) Merry Christmas! LOL Well, I guess we HAVE been receiving cards - it just doesn't seem that late in the year - to me anyway. I know you know what I mean when I say that those snowman cards just really disappoint me though. :)

      Runs off to get in that Christmas spirit! LOL
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