i luv my spirit
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May 21, 2011
May 6, 2007
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the u.s.
school :P

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i luv my spirit

Senior Member, from the u.s.

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May 21, 2011
    1. swansonspaints
      Beautiful Grey stallion! thanks so much for helping me with the pedigree stuff.
    2. DB4L90
      Thank you very much for your support. It is just so hard for me to deal with.
    3. i luv my spirit
      i luv my spirit
      Thanks! I love Vinny!
    4. xduckehx
      Thanks for the add :) Beautiful grey on your page
    5. i luv my spirit
      i luv my spirit
      Thanks Twilight Girl! His name is Lord Capitol. He is a beautiful stallion at the barn I ride at.
    6. Twilight_Girl
      Your profile pic is so beautiful!
    7. horserider001
      wanna join the Horse Lovers of the United States club? we only have 2 ppl!
    8. i luv my spirit
      i luv my spirit
      Thanks! You are awesome! I wish I could come there, it is freezing and raining right now! :(
      By the way I love your barn!
    9. Haas Horse Farm
      Haas Horse Farm
      Hey you,

      I am so excited about the fact that you are wanting to learn what to do before doing it so you do not make the same mistakes many of us who are ancient have. I think this is so awesome. If you are ever in MO you better come visit or I will pout. You always have a friend in me. Thanks for making my day! Hugs.
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    the u.s.
    school :P
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    I am a girl. I love horses. I have a dog named Spirit who I love. I take lessons at a premier Hunter/Jumper barn.

    volleyball, horseback riding, HGS!, my dog, friends, making stuff


    :D Beware of my attack puppy = Spirit!!!!:D
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