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Jun 17, 2016
Jul 28, 2010
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Anchorage, AK

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Jun 17, 2016
    1. philly78
      posted some links on your thread. They might be the ones you're looking for
    2. alaskahorse
      howdy friend..
    3. MidniteRenegade
    4. MidniteRenegade
      yeah i always feel bad because one of my jobs is working out at the stables.. i feed the horses, and he always stands at the gate waiting for me to bring him in or something and i never have time because i go straight from the stables to my second job. and then on weekends i have to ride a horse im training, and my horse always looks at me like he feels betrayed or something hahah, it makes me feel so bad. and yeah i hope her parents decide to do it. i think they will, because i'm only asking them to pay for half of board and farrier, and i'll pay for the shots and stuff. but we'll see.
    5. MidniteRenegade
      hahah. i've had to look at selling him a few times actually. im in college with two jobs so i dont have much time for the poor guy. there's a little girl that rides him every week, and i emailed her mom about possibly shareboarding him. but if they dont do that, then i may have to sell him.

      only problem is, i dont have papers for him. his old owners never gave them to the owner of the stables when they bought him, so i dont have them. i've emailed the old owners about the papers before, and i always get "oh yeah we'll look for them" then dont hear anything until the next time i ask.
    6. MidniteRenegade
      hey, i just now got on and looked at the posts on my thread with the pictures of the horses and saw your comment asking about his name - the blood bay arabian with the crescent moon on his forehead. i couldnt think of any good names with 'moon' in it, but his show name is Midnight Renegade. i switched it to that from Navigator when i bought him, and kept his barn name Navarro.

      thanks for your input on the pics. (:
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