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Oct 13, 2018
    1. ECSM
      Hi. I believe you owned a horse named Nala that we are purchasing. Would you be willing to give me more information about her. What she has done, her strengths, etc...
      1. hayburnerheights
        PM me your email and I will give it to my daughter - Nala was hers
        Feb 22, 2017
    2. Redbekia
      Hi, How is Molly this morning? Could you send me a full length picture of her in her happy place? Maybe at pasture with no harnesses or controls on her. Someplace where you have seen her kick up her heels in joyful play.
      1. hayburnerheights
        I can send photo later. I haven't seen her in a few days as i was at the equine affaire. My daughter was working her for me
        Apr 11, 2016
    3. nixalba
      Hey! I think it's good you are questioning your cat's diet. I would try to get the help of your vet with switching to wet/raw/lower carb. It sounds as though she isn't that fond of the idea but if you are committed, maybe she will help. Catinfo.org is a great site for information! I don't regret anything about switching my cats to a more biologically appropriate diet.
    4. PiaffePony0412
      Oh sorry! fixed it! :)
    5. hayburnerheights
      Where did she cut her self? I had a pony that ripped half his eyelid part way off. That got stitched 2x because he wouldn't stop itching it!

      Willow has no visible sign of injury other than the swelling. My daughter is working for a race horse trainer down the street taming the foals, so the trainer offered to look at Willow and couldn't see anything either. We are just giving her time off out with the other horses and its still a tiny bit swollen, but much better. She always put full weight on it (still gimped a little) so I didn't figure it two serious.

      Molly, the black horse is my baby. I bought her at a auction when she was just a little over 3 months old.
    6. angie j
      angie j
      It's OK.. I'm a harmless stalker :) I'm old and slow..lol

      My Walker took an injury last week too. She got a few stitches but they popped open so it's like we are starting from scratch again :( I was hoping it would heal nice and seamlessly. Perhaps it will yet.
    7. angie j
      angie j
      I've been watching you...lol. That's one sweet lookin' horse you have there.

      OH!!! You have more than one! I'll try to look at the 'non' Walkers as well ;)
    8. 1Riding4Jesus
      You're welcome. ;) She is such a lovely mare, I just love her build. :)
    9. jedy
      I was just going to ;)
    10. horsesrtwo
      Im about an hour south of Buffalo
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    Got my first horse at 14, had them ever since. Started out riding western, then hunt seat, then some Dressage (in my 20's). Competed in western games most of my teenage years on a $230.00 auction horse that I LOVED TO PIECES.
    Also did a 25 mile endurance ride on that same horse. Avid trail rider. Frequented many auctions and brought home lots of projects in my un-married/no children years.
    Mom of 3, had horses for about 28 yrs
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