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Feb 9, 2017
    1. Chester
      Yes, it is a pity I couldn't quite manage the trip down today. That's what happens when the kids are spread around the place and I get to be taxi. :( As long as you had a good day that is the main thing. :) We will get to meet up yet.
    2. Chester
      I know that name. Not sure how though
    3. Chester
      You have a mate in bundy? Wonder if it is anyone I know?

      I would love to come down to meet you but am a tad snowed at the moment with Sam and his school/apprenticeship/social life and Chick finishing off grade 12. Otherwise...............
    4. Chester
      there is lots to do round there. see if the kenilworth cheese factory is still open. Booloomba creek state forest is well worth a visit. not far from montville either. Maleny is a lovely hippy type town. Is where we had Chicks naming ceremony at the pub when she was tiny. Just out of maleny is a little park, great for views to coast and glasshouse mtns with tame bush turkeys and lovely easy walking trails.

      regular tourism information centre aren't I.

      You are still welcome if you want to come visit. Could take you to the bundy rum factory. :D
    5. Chester
      I am further north. About 4 hours further. What are you doing at Montivlle? I use to live at Glasshouse Mtns and spent lots of time up the hinterland. It is such a nice place.

      Aren't you normally much further south? You are welcome to come visit/stay with us if you want/can.
    6. Maisie
      Thank you so much for your support .... & for giving me something to smile about :cutekiss:
    7. gluey33
      Thats a great idea. I had the saddle fitter out a while ago and it was one of the best things I've ever done. You may even be able to pad it out untill you get some muscle built up. Good luck and the offers there if you need it:)
    8. Lyre
      Hi! Thank you for the offer. I'm going to get a saddle fitter out to let me know exactly what's going on. It could just be his lack of condition making the saddle Chester sent me sit funny, something fixable. It doesn't make sense that he'd need a wider one. So I'll let you know what's going on. Could turn out I can use the saddle afterall!
    9. TWH Gal
      TWH Gal
      Thank you for the support. It is appreciated.
    10. kyfirestorm
      Love that video, thanks! Hope things are going well for you :D
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