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    1. glorygirl3
      I have had the most fun riding TB's than any breed and I love how versatile they are, and I know how much they can change. And many claps for all those out there who have shown the judges up and gotten their OTTB to be a champion in the A Circuit Hunters, that's my goal in the future. <3 Thanks to those who read my rant and understand how much I love TB's.
    2. glorygirl3
      I have also ridden many TB's that are the opposite, on the "hot" side if you will (but no less awesome). There are two OTTBs right off the track at my barn currently: The Pie is a 7 year old gelding (had time off in a field for a few years after racing and is the calmest and laziest thing ever and was so easy to start under saddle in his new career (a bit of an awkward child, but we love how honest he is)... and then there is Desi, a 5 year old mare who sadly has trouble calming down (only after 8 months has she learned to make friends with other horses in her corral and calm down) and is a nervous wreck being ridden (yes, she is slowly improving and our project is to calm her down with time and TLC). So there are two TBs that came from the same track that are on opposite sides of the TB scale... what can I say? Horses are individuals.
    3. glorygirl3
      And I am not hating on thoroughbreds like many have misinterpreted. And I was using exaggerations to get my point across (something I have learned the hard way that I shouldn't do here, forgive me). In fact, the "craziest" horse I have ridden was an immensely fat warmblood, and she hasn't changed much in 5 years. I still love her anyway. So she totally disproves my point, but as I said I was merely using generalities and exaggerations so beat be up for that all you want. The first horse I learned to canter on was a TB, one of the laziest horses I have ridden was a TB, my first horse to lease was an OTTB (and I finally got him fat after experimenting with a lot of different foods) which would be lazy some days and take off with me others (years later he is teaching an 8-year old to jump and show, he still has those days where he needs to have a little gallop, but besides that he is absolutely perfect).
    4. Fancy That
      Fancy That
      Right back atchya :) Welcome to the forum, BTW! Seems like you have some great knowledge of Hunters/Showing!
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