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May 24, 2018
Jun 16, 2008
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May 24, 2018
    1. endurgirl
      Thank You! We Are Having A Blast So Far! :D
    2. GotaDunQH
      Thank you and the same to you my friend!!!
    3. angie j
      angie j
      Same to you my dear!
      Yesterday was the last day of my job and so it's a world of 'new beginnings' this year coming. Looking forward to a 'spring' fresh and full of sunshine and flowers.
    4. Super Step
      Super Step
      It is always nice to hear from you. Been meaning to ask how things are. Catch me up on your life when you get the chance.
      All is well here. Fall calving season is at full speed.
    5. angie j
      angie j
      Not so good.
      I`ve been at ICU every day for several weeks with my mom. She is stable but not greatly improving. It looks like it`s gonna be a long hard road for her from this point on. It`s heart breaking.
    6. Super Step
      Super Step
      I learned far more from the members of this forum than I ever returned.
      I come around more these days. It is nice to log on and enjoy the fellowship in a relaxed manner.
      There are a lot of wonderful people here. Those members will always be the core of this community. You are a friend, have always been kind and civil. The cream always rises to the top.
      I am almost to the point of over extending my desire to raise cattle and bale hay. Just added another 50 acres of hay, and also another 120 acres of pasture lease. I still come around to see what my long time friends are up to and catch up on the happenings in their lives.
      I learn something positive every time I log on.
      Take Care My Friend.
    7. Chester
    8. XxLiveToRidexX
      Aw, thanks! I hope to get a new riding video sometime soon! :)
    9. AprilBride2012
      Doing well! We're settled in to the new house, the old house sold, and we're getting close to Baby's due date! Thanks for checking in on me, means a lot. :)
    10. feealicious
      Hope you have a wonderful holiday season! :)
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    The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire. ~Sharon Ralls Lemon

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