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Mar 29, 2017 at 2:46 PM
Sep 29, 2008
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Northern California

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Senior Member, Female, from Northern California

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    1. sunrisegurl146
      oh I hope it fits for you!!

      Hopefully you can find an adjustable thorowgood cheap..I had to buy mine almost full price..It was $559..still on sale though from over $600
    2. sunrisegurl146

      The thorowgood fits!!!!! ROFL of course she fits in a xxwide gullet...hopefully shes done growing width wise! :eek2:

      Hows saddle fitting going with you?
    3. Jess!
      They are easy to post in, but they can put you in a chair seat if you are not careful because the stirrups are set forward a bit more. That is the only thing I can complain about with them. It's easily fixed if you pay attention to your position, but if you get tired towards the end of a ride you will find yourself slipping your legs forward.

      It doesn't bother me too much because I'm not in a show and it isn't really hindering my riding all that much.
    4. Jess!
      I absolutely love love love my Abetta saddles! They are amazing and I used to own two, sold when when I only had one more and my other one didn't fit her. They last for a long time, too.

      The nylon under the stirrups tend to wear pretty fast, however. Well, mine lasted about three years before it started it to fray :)
    5. sunrisegurl146
      oh and I know! Crazy mare would probably never stop! Even though she isn't fit..she can trot FOREVER and won't even break a sweat or be breathing hard
    6. sunrisegurl146
      so do I! You can see my current thread in Adult..she said lawyer so I can no longer go into details on the public parts of the forum
    7. sunrisegurl146
      My mom wants to move back out to the country and b/c my DMV is on strike I can't get my licence..so I can't keep my job..and so I have to lose Athena..

      I'm hoping to find some one to free lease her. I'm going to push my mom to get me out to the barn a couple times in the next few weeks to put a refresher on her and get her going again.

      I'm actively seeing if I can find a friend to live with for a while.

      BTW you've got me hooked on the idea to ride endurance with her ROFL
    8. sunrisegurl146
      i have to part with Athena..it suc.ks..I'm hoping I can find someone to free lease her for a while
    9. sunrisegurl146
      ROFL! I'm so sorry! Silly Jazz!

      Well, since its been a month since I bought MY saddle..and I can't return it..and I'm still waiting for my xx-wide gullet..if doesn't fit...I'll pm you if I put it up for sale LOL
    10. sunrisegurl146
      I'm almost tempted to carry a crop. so when rude people go by..I can smack them one hard :D

      and so do I! I had a woman who started bringing carrots out with her when she was working with her garden in hopes that Athena would pass :p
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    Northern California
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    American Morgans (2), Arabians (3), Selle Francais (1), Thoroughbred (1) Minis (2)
    Endurance, Eventing, Dressage, Trail Riding, Jumping.


    :running:"Let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart. You will never regret it." ~ Author Unknown. :racehrs:

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